The Donkey Pen! Episode 1 – Clonie vs Vanessa

February 28, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Two donks battle it out for cash. Fun sound fx on this hilarious live strip poker video!

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30 Responses to “The Donkey Pen! Episode 1 – Clonie vs Vanessa”

  1. gonelikedinner Says:

    you know this is really bad on vanessa’s part but honestly she’s turned into a much better poker player. on the heads up where she went to the finals she played really good poker when I saw her and I’ve seen her on the big game and she’s alright..she’s not a superstar player yet but she is becoming a much better player

  2. checkcheckcheckfold Says:

    I’m siding with Clonie here. Vanessa have been running hot for so many years, I don’t think she knows how to play if she doesn’t get really lucky of holding a non winning hand. It’s just bad luck on Clonie part. But, with two pairs A-4 Vanessa wouldn’t be folding anyway.

  3. theivyleaguer Says:

    Women can’t play poker.

  4. BobbyNutzzz Says:

    Actualy I think the donkey in this vid. is Vanessa. She is calling the turn with naked ace no-kicker and could be easy drawing dead. I like her but thats dumb.

  5. boys46 Says:

    soo is that video supposed to be again?

  6. smokebogie Says:

    lol woman poker

  7. DjDruDown Says:


  8. MadThespian Says:

    The sound fx suck. Bad!

  9. antiquities0end Says:

    its kind of hard to listen to what they’re saying when the sound effects are 50x as loud as the actual video.

  10. tombutler47 Says:

    Bad beats suck! Check out Tim and Tom Butler dancing at Tao Beach, they really get the crowd going with their style of dancing!! Type “guys dancing at Tao Beach and enjoy some good stuff from the 50 year old identical twins. Vids on our channel too!

  11. TheGenetic1 Says:


  12. pokafaceee Says:

    @devilspjh seriously! that fuckin shit blast through my speakers! wtf!

  13. devilspjh Says:

    Any way to watch this video without that fucking nonsense in the background? looks like it would be a good vid but i can’t hear a thing

  14. Nickthelich Says:

    This would be a nice concept but he is doiing to much with the donkey noises and laughing in the background, just play the vid

  15. mickymacky02 Says:

    @s0791615 ok maybe tom dwan is proving to be a good player. i like the way he plays and the way he looks at things. but in this particular hand, there was some very bad play by vanessa and some decent play by clonie.

  16. Man2be23 Says:

    man she looks like a donkey…hahahaha

  17. s0791615 Says:

    @mickymacky02 i don’t understand your comparison of vanessa to durrr/ziggy. yeah she played the hand horribly, i agree with that but the big online players have played huge samples of hands making it virtually impossible for their results to be down to luck. durrr and zigmund are just incredibly aggressive so that while they appear to get lucky in individual pots, the combination of fold equity and their actual math equity they gain from their aggression just gives them an edge in the long run.

  18. dh144498 Says:

    who the fuck cares about poker when vanessa rousso’s nice firm titties are in front of us.

  19. Beerschot Says:

    @devildog061077 I think I might have to break your neck. Did I just break it? Idiot. Call=Call rest is bullshit.

  20. imluvinyourmum Says:

    the call was bad, but the exposure of her hand was home game stuff

    i would never ask if someone has called, if im not sure ill stay statued, even amongst the best players most dont want to risk ‘acting natural’.

    these 2 are both donks tho, they are purely supported by sponsorship and wouldnt be anywhere had they been men. They both made TV appearences deep in WSOP events and got sponsored straight away because of their public appeal, they are both terrible poker players though


    ugly as fuck? chicks fucken hatt

  22. wickeedbone13 Says:


  23. sienipata Says:

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  24. devildog061077 Says:

    “I think I have to call” = I CALL! Poor Clonie, Vanessa plays like a donk and sucks out, then pulls that I have to call-wait BS. (Vanessa) Go back to the $5 $10 limit game at circus circus you douche.

  25. cassieNO1fan Says:

    when tits are playing poker dont look at the cards

  26. fredericktatum99 Says:

    “that not what i was thinking actually” haha

  27. smo699 Says:

    Nadya would be a great edition to TV poker. There are so many good players out there that it’s usually the “entertainers” that become TV worthy. In this case, however, Nadya is a gorgeous woman that can play, and that’s all she really needs to become popular.

  28. gex221 Says:

    Greentein is so boooooooooring.Nadia is cute gogogogogo =]

  29. lg123xyz Says:

    Greenstein only likes asians… maybe Nadia might change his mind.

  30. BxSQUIRREL Says:


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