The Different Games of Poker

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The Different Games of Poker

The poker real money is slowly gaining a lot of popularity among the game savvy people. There are many types of poker games that have originated with time. Among them the popular and well-known ones are

Texas holdem: This is the most famous type of poker real money and is played by people from all the corners of the globe. The rules are simple and this game can be played by ten as well as two players. Four betting sessions complete a round. The game starts with a player receiving two cards put face down and there are also five face up community cards kept for the use of the players. The winner of the pot is the player with the highest five-card poker hand.

Omaha Hi: Very similar to Texas holdem, this form of poker is also gaining fame with the passage of time. The betting rounds are four and each player gets four face down hole cards to deal with. To win, one must combine exactly two of their hole cards with the three available community cards and bring forth a five-card poker hand.

Seven card stud: This poker real money can be played between two to eight players. An ante begins the game followed by the five sessions of bets. Three cards can be kept face down by the player but four must be showed to the opponents. The aim of the game is to make a five card poker hand by the available seven cards.

Five card draw: Reputed as one of the oldest form of poker, this game can be played by two to five players. Two betting rounds follow the ante. Five face down cards are given to the players which they may draw up or give up after the first round of betting gets over. Here also, the winner of the pot is the one with the highest five card hand holder. 

Caribbean Stud poker: This is a complete new version of poker. Unlike the other types here the players play against the house which plays the role of a bank dealer. To win the game of Caribbean stud a player must beat the bank dealer’s hand of cards. The players of the game are not competitors.

To be a successful poker player one must know the rules as well as the type of game they are playing. Unless you are informed about the game and its types, you cannot score well and as a result lose chances of winning the game. 

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