The Demonstration – Bad Romance (Cover)

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KOTK PRODUCTIONS The Demonstrations new video for there cover of the Lady GaGa song “Bad romance” Directed by Justin Beasley Edited by Cory Doggett Cinematography: Matthew B. Moore check out the interview with the band on write up on the video you may know the song from here: Check out all of KOTK’s Music videos: HERE: and HERE: Follow us! : Girl in video

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25 Responses to “The Demonstration – Bad Romance (Cover)”

  1. atrockstar Says:

    Can’t tell if I liked it or hated it…..lithe intstruments were composed to perfection….not sure bout box

  2. adheKebumen Says:


  3. samme205 Says:

    @mrrickless980abell its a Stripper Maker 60,000 and ive got one in my room.

  4. Egyptalian Says:

    I liked the guitar and bass. The singing sucked, screaming sucked, and the weird ass computerized stripper was just a retarded idea.

  5. dickyholdy Says:

    i want that guy’s shirt…

  6. Dmitriy066 Says:


  7. refrigereitor45 Says:


  8. Eestlaneonvisa Says:

    I thought that the original was a total shit but I stand corrected.

  9. AlbinoCliffhanger Says:

    Wow, they auto-tuned the shit out of his voice

  10. Rhyas9 Says:

    As if the original wasn’t head-banging enough…

  11. syrchov Says:

    the fucking dancer is so fucking hot!!

  12. carbunash Says:

    why the hell would anybody look at the singer in a video like that ?

  13. Jackbass5 Says:

    singer are gay

  14. hlamidomonas43 Says:

    it’s porn for ears and eyes

  15. SwedishCoff Says:

    m/ m/ So fking good!

  16. Guitarist142 Says:

    Way better than the original.

  17. TheQuackburger Says:

    I thought it was going to play that stupid 009 sound system at the begnning there for a second….

  18. TMMLover555 Says:

    @OnlyForInFlames The drummer looks like Anthony o.o

  19. Halokid189 Says:

    @OnlyForInFlames Mother of GOD!! youre right!

  20. crypticdreams1986 Says:

    This is fucking awesome m/ m/

  21. TheNEVEDIE Says:

    @111vid111 อิอิครับผมเหมือนกัน

  22. TheZk96studioss Says:

    epic fucking COVER!

  23. chris0477 Says:

    where can i download this song i love it?

  24. mooseman165 Says:

    good when he screams shit and whiney when he sings

  25. 111vid111 Says:

    @TheNEVEDIE หรือเสียงหนัก :)

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