The Biggest Secret in Online Poker

August 27, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

You can try Tablescan Turbo here: You need HoldemManager or Pokertracker3 if you don’t already have them to get your own stats database going, both have free trials, you can get either here (HoldemManager is better): Note: All these software are completely legal and are not cheating in any way. Now go out there and stack some fish!

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25 Responses to “The Biggest Secret in Online Poker”

  1. ODAR69 Says:


  2. pauperhgng Says:

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  3. 91Holdem Says:


  4. WhatNecCorp Says:

    @RoyalHim you would be surprised, mate;)
    All these rich guys who don’t know how to play, and actually think they got a chance…

  5. GuitarMaster6567 Says:

    that guys a dumbass XD

  6. MJPlamann Says:

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  7. YesClive23 Says:

    Please excuse my ignorance but how do you compile the statistics? Do you have to open the tables and leave it running in the background or does it just use the table hand histories automatically? Many thanks.

  8. excelledspectato Says:

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  9. ellegreeko Says:

    @kfarr06 play like everyone else and get your reads from playing a few hands!! this is the problem with online poker theres to many nerds on it!!!!!

  10. jukitas22 Says:

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    See you at the tables:)

  11. geekplay Says:

    @viobaghula LOOOOOLLL

  12. geekplay Says:

    @foradordem thats not a cheat jajaj

  13. catalystembodym Says:

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  14. RoyalHim Says:

    I don’t think any fish would have the bankroll to play high stakes.

  15. JadeLeinberger2863 Says:

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    has free poker for real money

  16. Sandman267 Says:

    Thats some impressive piece of software.

  17. geniusjas87 Says:

    @foradordem lol

  18. foradordem Says:

    thats why i never deposit to play online.. thers alot ways to cheat or hack.. makes the game unfair.

  19. satyrinneed Says:

    I hope everyone using shit like this will not only be banned from playing but also made to work cleaning garbage cans for 10 years to help the public.

  20. kitsune090 Says:

    …peace. lol

  21. pokerpadawan Says:

    Wow, this is great, can’t wait to try this out.. will this work on other sites like BlindHit, Pokerstars, and other sties? or is this just for Fulltilt?.. anyway, having a program that scans player stats comes quite useful, at least you’ll have an idea of who or what your up against in any given table..

  22. brandonsmith666 Says:

    blah blah blah

  23. UndercoverLdn Says:


    Dumbass…..You have to get info/stats from players FIRST yourself….so you have to have Holdem Manager, and first just play random tables, so it will automaticly collect stats from players….btw you have like an anger problem?

  24. UndercoverLdn Says:


    Because you haven’t got any info from players….You have to have Holdem Manager too

  25. transmissionnrd Says:

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