The Big Reveal (poker/WCOOP)

March 19, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

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25 Responses to “The Big Reveal (poker/WCOOP)”

  1. SesauuTyeshana905 Says:

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  2. Sevilou Says:

    music starting at 3:20 NAME OF IT PLEASE???

  3. McMolot Says:

    @BulletK1ss im sorry to say but as a progamer i can say that cs have a litle part of skill play. in example i can say that tf2 have less random and more skill factor then cs. i playd cs for 2 years for fun and 6 years clan wars and tournaments only. sadly but cs isnt such a skill game. its fucking random one. if u dont belive me u will find out by urself the hard way…

  4. BulletK1ss Says:

    Athene should try CS 1.6 or if he doesnt like the grafics at least source i know he already made a vid about that but he wasnt trying to get some skeelz ;)

  5. badkuipx Says:

    Antwerpen gvd

  6. Gingeous Says:


    It was staged haha

  7. Inflamesianul Says:

    Damn , Athene’s mother is so cool and brilliant acting .

  8. DBSpy1 Says:

    I called the cops for you,that was so mean of that lady I could not watch the whole video.

  9. impulsesuccubus Says:

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  10. squadronfg Says:

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  11. funfunfunfunable Says:

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  13. volcanofp Says:

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  14. homunculusinjustic Says:

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  15. RachelAndMitchell94 Says:

    motha fucka you fold, motha fuck-air

  16. wingspreadtc Says:

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  17. morristownstudeb Says:

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  18. Marcus1074 Says:

    idiots, misleading the tags

  19. chrols1 Says:

    haha the mother is bad :P i feel sorry for the man….

  20. feely33 Says:

    @pokerworld2009 Chiren80… He’s grinding fpps 24 tables on nl200……… and he’s a fish.

  21. shiraq07 Says:

    Fuck online poker , its rigged, US is right! especially Pokerstars.

  22. wxp666666 Says:

    Great video

  23. coveirokiller Says:

    “i have kings …”
    Fold, Fold …. lol

  24. huenvoook Says:

    LOL his MOTHER says “MOTHERfucker” o.O

  25. zeal19991 Says:

    chick was hot

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