Terms of Poker and Poker Slang. Glossary of Poker Terms.

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terms pokerTerms Poker is a comprehensive online glossary of poker terms. Our database has in-depth explanations of poker terms, phrases and slang for poker hands used at the poker table, including examples and definitions.

We currently have a lot of poker abbreviations in our dictionary, and more get added every day.

Learn these terms of poker so when you hear these words and nicknames while playing online poker games, you’ll know what everyone is talking about.

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ABC Poker

ABC Poker refers to playing basic hand

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker is online poker site where you can play online poker games
Absolute Poker College Challenge


The Ace is the highest value card in the game of poker. See poker rules here

Ace High

The hand of Ace High is one that simply has a high card of ace and nothing else. See rules of poker here

Ace on the River

Ace on the River is a book written by Berry Greenstein that talks about game of poker and his own gaming experience.


Acting in poker is when a player makes decision to bet, raise, fold, call or check.


Action describes when it’s a person’s turn to act in poker. It’s paramount to know whose action it is in every single hand.

Action Card

Is a card that comes on the turn or river that will cause significant betting for at least few players.

Active Player

It is someone who has not folded his hand yet.


Add-on are used by poker players to rebuy into poker tournaments if the structure allows for it.

Aggression Factor

It is a statistics term that used in most HUD’s calculates a number based off of any aggressive action divided by the number of calls.

Aggression Frequency

It is a HUD statistics term that used to determine an opponent’s level of aggression in poker.Normally shown in the percentege style.

Air Card

Card that does not help any player that involved in the hand of poker game. Also known as Blank


Ajax is poker slang for a starting hand with one ace and one jack. It’s called Ajax because Ace-Jack and the popular cleaner sound very similar.


All-in means that player is putting all of his chips on one play.

Alligator Blood

This phrase has the meaning of player being Cold Blood or Alligator Blood or ability to play under high pressure.

American Airlines

Also known as bullets or poket rokets. The strongest starting hand in poker real money that means poket aces.


Often used when referring to chips.


Ante up. An ante is a bet that must be made in order to play in a poker hand. It’s one of several forced bets in every poker hand.

Ante Off

When a player is absent from the table and the antes cause them to go broke it’s referred to as an ante off situation.


ATC  =  “Any Two Cards”. Used to describe a player’s starting hand selection.


Is the virtual representation of the player on Online Poker Real Money site. We often see Play Boy Bunny, Donkey or something else.

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