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Lacey Jones

Lacey Jones is a former model who was named the hottest woman in online poker.

Ladies Online poker Association

The Ladies Online poker Association is an organization established to recognize women in online poker and expand opportunities for women in online poker.


LAG is the way to describe a style of playing online poker that is ‘loose’ and ‘aggressive.’ It is the root word for ‘lagtard.’


LAPC is the acronym for the Los Angeles Online poker Classic, the largest tournament series at the Commerce Casino, culminating in a $10K buyin WPT event..


The LAPT is a series of online poker tournaments that take place in Central America and South America. The tour is sponsored by Online pokerStars, an online poker site.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, home of the World Series of Online poker. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Last Longer

Last Longer bets pit two or more players against each other in an effort to outlast the others. The last participant with chips wins the bet.

Last of the Mohicans

Last of the Mohicans is a phrase used to describe the very last tournament that a online poker player is alive in after a full Sunday circuit schedule.


Laydown describes the act of folding a online poker hand, usually used to indicate a very difficult fold or a very easy fold.

Layne Flack

Layne Flack is a top tournament pro with six WSOP bracelets and one WPT event victory.


LDO is an acronym popular on community forums on the internet meaning ‘Like, Duh, Obviously’.


To lead describes the action of initiating the betting action in a hand, as in ‘lead at the pot.’ It may also describe having the best hand.


A leak refers to a weakness or flaw in a online poker game. Plugging the leak involves practicing and playing, consciously working to improve that particular area.

Learn, Chat and Play With the Pros

Learn, Chat and Play With the Pros is the marketing catchphrase used to promote the online website Full Tilt Online poker.

Lee Jones

Lee Jones is a name that has been associated with everything from instruction on low stakes limit hold ‘em to the very essence of luck itself!


A level can refer to two unrelated things in the online poker lexicon: Either a unit of time in a online poker tournament or a meme meant to identify facetious remarks.

Liar’s Online poker

Liar’s Online poker is a bar game in which two or more players try to outbid each other using the serial numbers from currency to score the game.

Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts is a song from Bob Dylan’s 1975 album ‘Blood on the Tracks.’ It contains numerous references to card playing.


To limp in online poker means just paying the big blind. Limping is a strategy for trying to see a cheap flop holding hands like suited connectors.


Playing online poker live means being at a online poker table in a brick and mortar casino. It’s also associated with a live straddle when a player bets twice the big blind.

Live Ace

A live ace is a type of qualifying low hand in omaha eight-or-better that involves a hole card being duplicated on the board.

Live Cards

Live Cards describe a situation where a player is behind in the hand but has outs to both of his cards and is not dominated by his opponent.’s hand.

Live One

‘Live one’ is an old-fashioned expression for the fish, the donk, the donator, in a online poker game. As a online poker term, it is somewhat antiquated.


The lobby is the main area where players log-in, check their account balance and search for tables to play within.


A lock is an unbeatable online poker hand or, in other forms of gambling, a proposition or wager that is guaranteed to win.

Lock Lock

‘Lock lock’ is a term that is used most often in games of Omaha eight-or-better when someone has the best possible low and the best possible high hand.

LOL Donkaments

LOL Donkaments, popularized by the 2+2 Online poker Forum, is a commonly used online poker term in today’s online culture.


The term longhanded refers to a online poker game played with seven or more (usually 9 or 10) players sitting at the table.


Loose refers to a online poker player who has wider standards for playing pots than his ‘tight’ counterparts. ‘Loose players’ are often considered sloppy or ‘LAG.’


Loser can have several meanings: It can mean a online poker hand that does not win. It can mean a person who has failed in life. It is also a Grateful Dead song.


A luckbox is a online poker player that has received a ridiculous amount of good luck to win consistantly.

Lucky You

Lucky You is a major motion picture that was released in 2007 and directed by accomplished director Curits Hansen. However, the movie was a stinker.

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