Terms of Poker. Learn the Meaning of these Poker Terms.

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Kara Scott

Kara Scott is a well known television host who has worked in Canada and the UK with ties to professional online poker.

Kathy Liebert

Kathy Liebert is a female professional online poker player who won a $1,000,000 first place prize at the 2002 Party Online poker Million, as well as a WSOP bracelet in a Limi

Kelly Kim

Kelly Kim made his biggest splash in the online poker world by coming to the final table of the 2008 WSOP as the shortest-stacked player of the November Nine.

Kevin Saul

Kevin Saul, also known by his online name ‘Bel0wAb0ve’ is an accomplished online poker tournament player from Illinois with an impressive resume live and online.


KGB is a beloved character played by John Malkovich in the movie Rounders who serves as the primary adversary for Mike McDermott, the main character.


A kicker is a card that is used to break ties in online poker. A player’s kicker only comes into play if it makes up his final online poker hand.

Kill Button

A Kill Button is a designation given to a player that has to post an over-blind that increases the betting limit.

Kill Phil

Kill Phil is a book by Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson for beginners to learn strong preflop maneuvers and smart postflop plays.

Kill Stack

A kill stack is one that’s small in size but represents a large number of chips.


Online poker King is a well-known online poker news site and blog. It is often referred to as ‘King’ both on the site and by visitors to the site.

Knish’s Truck

Knish’s Truck is a reference to the movie Rounders, in which Michael McDermott must resort to finding income by doing truck deliveries for Joey Knish.

Knockout Tournament

A knockout tournament takes the idea of a bounty tournament to a whole new level. Everyone has a bounty on them.


The slang term Kojack is given to the starting hand of King-Jack in Hold’em, a reference to the 1970s cop television show.

Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson, the third member of the BC Mafia along with Greg Mueller and Shawn Buchanan, is a former basketball star and accomplished online poker player.

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