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J.C. Alvarado

J.C. Alvarado is a pro online poker player from Mexico City and a sponsored pro of Team Online pokerStars Pro. His career highlights include a handful of top 20 finishes.

J.C. Tran

Justin Cuong ‘J.C.’ Tran is one of the best online poker tournament players in the world, with remarkably consistent and voluminous results over the years.


The jack, otherwise known as the knave, is the fourth highest ranking card in a deck.

Jack McClelland

Jack McClelland is an esteemed tournament director, currently in charge of the Bellagio’s online poker tournaments. He has previously headed the WSOP.

Jack Strauss

Jack Strauss (died 1988) was a professional online poker player with 2 WSOP bracelets including a Main Event victory in 1982.


A jackpot is also earned for suffering a bad beat in a casino. Often called the

Jackson Five

Jackson Five is a good example of the sort of annoying nicknames Vince Van Patten assigned to random online poker hands in his capacity as WPT commentator.


When a player moves in all of his chips to go

James McManus

James McManus made history upon reaching the WSOP final table in 2000, taking 5th place for over $240K after being sent on a writing assignment for Harpers.

James Obst

James Obst is an Australian online poker pro who has wins in the WCOOP and SCOOP.

James Woods

James Woods is a renowned actor who also makes regular appearances at various online poker games and events in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold, a resident of Malibu, CA, won the World Series of Online poker in 2006, but not without earning a fair amount of negative publicity.

January Sale

The January Sale at the Online pokerStars VIP club discounted special items from the store, one item per day, for purchase.

Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier is a pro online poker player and member of Team Online pokerStars Pro who has made over $2.7 million in live tournament winnings.

Jay Rosenkrantz

Jay Rosenkrantz plays by the name ‘pr1nnyraid’ online and is one of the biggest winners in online poker. He stars on the show 2 Months 2 Million.

Jeff Shulman

Jeff Shulman is the president of Card Player magazine, the most well-established magazine devoted to covering the online poker industry.

Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Harman is a two time WSOP bracelet winner and high stakes cash game player who has gained over $2,200,000 in live tournament winnings.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly is an accomplished actress who is also a regular on the online poker tournament circuit and Phil Laak’s girlfriend.

Jeremy Enke

Jeremy Enke is a well-known online poker affiliate and blogger who has embarked on several successfull business ventures. He’s also widely considered a

Jerry Buss

Jerry Buss is the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers as well as a fixture in the online poker world. He has appeared on High Stakes Online poker and other online poker shows.

Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang won the 2007 World Series of Online poker for over $8M. He is known for paying lip-service to Jesus and mostly dropping out of online poker after winning.


JJProdigy is the online moniker for Josh Field, the most notorious and crafty cheater in the history of online poker tournaments.

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is a model who has appeared in magazines such as FHM and Maxim. She was recently named hostess for upcoming Online pokerStars broadcasts.

Joe Beevers

Joe Beevers is one of the four founding members of the British online poker posse, the Hendon Mob. His lifetime tournament cashes exceed $2.4M.

Joe Cada

Joe Cada is a 21 year old professional online poker player who won the 2009 World Series of Online poker Main Event, cashing for $8.5 million.

Joe Hachem

Joe Hachem won the World Series of Online poker in 2005. Then he won another major tournament at the Bellagio. He was born in Lebanon and now resides in Australia.

Joe Ingram

Joe Ingram is known on the TwoPlusTwo forums as ChicagoJoey and has a screen name of JoeIngram1 on Online pokerStars.

Joe Sebok

Joe Sebok is a professional online poker player, the stepson of Barry Greenstein, and the co-founder of Online pokerRoad.com.

Joey Knish

Joey Knish is the character played by John Turturro and based on a real NYC player known as ‘Joey Bagels.’ In the movie, he serves as a sort of father figure.

John Cernuto

John Cernuto, nicknamed “Miami” is a pro player whose best game is Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments and has three WSOP bracelets to his name.

John Juanda

John Juanda is a four time WSOP bracelet winner and won the prestigious Cardplayer Magazine Player of the Year award two times.

Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan is one of the most recognizable and successful online poker players of all time.

Johnny Lodden

Johnny Lodden is a member of Team Online pokerstars Pro under the screen name of ‘bad_ip’ and ‘Lars-Magne’ and has played some of the highest online stakes cash games.


JokerStars is a nickname given to Online pokerStars by online poker players. It’s commonly used as a way to refer to the site after taking a bad beat.

Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan is a professional online poker player who plays both tournaments and cash games and is a Red Pro on Full Tilt Online poker.


Juice is synonymous with other terms like ‘rake’ and ‘vig’ and refers to the amount of money a gambling operator withholds from the amount being wagered.


Juicy refers to a gambling scenario that has an exceedingly high positive expected value. It is also a song by the Notorious B.I.G. about success.

Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo is a well known online poker player, ZeeJustin, who is a sponsored pro at Bodog who has over $1,400,000 in live tournament earnings.

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