Terms of Poker. Learn the Meaning of these Poker Terms.

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I Bet You

I Bet You is a common phrase that is also the name for a TV show starring Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak and an old Funadelic song.

I Call, I Play The Board

‘I call, I play the board’ is the last thing Kevin McBride said before calling Scotty Nguyen’s allin at the 1998 WSOP and losing to a better full house.

I Had a Read

Online poker players often say: I had a read. This happens after they make a bad play that turns out well. This is often said after a call.


Independent Chip Modeling, or ‘ICM,’ is a way of analyzing expected value in online poker tournaments. It is applied primarily in single table tournaments.

Idiot End

The ‘idiot-end’ in online poker refers to the low end of a straight, also sometimes known as the ‘sucker-end’ or ‘sucker straight.’


IDK is an acronym meaning ‘I don’t know,’ which is commonly used on online poker-related internet message boards.


IdleMiner is a data mining tool that a user can install on their local system that will troll various sites and import hand histories.


The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association is suing to declare the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) unconstitutional.


IMO, or In My Opinion, is a commonly used phrase on online poker forums when posters are stating something that isn’t a fact.

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is a hotel and casino located in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and is known for having a very fishy online poker room.

Implied Odds

Implied odds revolve around the number of chips or amount of money that will be won in later streets if a card hits the board in online poker.

In For The Minimum

In for the minimum is an expression online poker players use to refer to how much money they spent on a rebuy tournament, usually three times the buyin.

In The Hunt

When a player says he is ‘in the hunt,’ it means he is still alive in a online poker tournament, usually with a reasonable chance of winning.

In The Money


An insta-call is when a player calls a bet from an opponent immediately with no hesitation. Insta-calling typically means a player holds a strong hand.

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