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Nam Le

Nam Le is one of the best and most consistent  Online poker tournament professionals in the world, with remarkable results dating back to 2004.


Randy Lew, otherwise known as his screen name nanonoko, is a member of Team  Online pokerStars Online and has over $1 million in cash game winnings online.


The NAPT is the North American  Online poker Tour and is produced by  Online pokerStars. It is a tournament series for North America that started in 2010.

Nash Equilibrium

The Nash Equilibrium is a solution concept of game theory explaining that when each player knows the equilibrium strategies others, no player has an advantage.


NC, often seen in online  Online poker chat boxes, is the abbreviation for either ‘nice call’ or ‘nice catch,’ the latter usually an embittered remark.


Needling refers to the act of taunting someone during a  Online poker game in an effort to get under his skin and cause him to play worse as a result.

Negative Expectation

A negative expectation is a  Online poker play that will lose money in the long run.

Negative Freeroll

A negative freeroll when a player goes all in and can only either tie or lose in the hand.


NH is the quick way to tell someone

NHL Alumni  Online poker Night

The NHL Alumni Hockey Night is a promotion at  Online pokerStars where players play in freerolls to win tickets to Toronto Maple Leafs hockey games.


Nit is the designation for a  Online poker player who is perceived to play with a style that is overly tight and too risk-averse.


The term nitfest is usually mentioned in the context of discussing a  Online poker game where there is limited action or most of the players are especially tight.


NLD is an acronym for ‘nice laydown’ which is often heard in both a sincere and a sarcastic context in online  Online poker games.


No-limit  Online poker describes stakes in which any player can bet up to the size of his chip stack at any time. No Limit Hold’em is an example.

Noel Furlong

Noel Furlong is an Irish businessman and recreational  Online poker player who beat Alan Goehring heads-up to win the 1999 WSOP main event.


A noob is someone that has little know-how and is completely unwilling to learn the given task, often quitting or failing at the task at hand.


Nordberg is the online nickname for Full Tilt Red Pro Peter Feldman, an accomplished live and online  Online poker player with over $1.2M in winnings.

Nordic WSOP Expedition

For the 2009 World Series of  Online poker,  Online pokerStars is running a promotion called the Nordic WSOP Expedition that features special tournaments to qualify into the WS

Norman Chad

Norman Chad is a sportswriter and syndicated columnist best known for being a commentator for ESPN telecasts of the World Series of  Online poker.


Nosebleed refers to  Online poker games that are extremely high stakes, generally much higher than the most regularly played high stakes  Online poker games.


When a  Online poker player says he has nothing, he means he doesn’t even have a pair and is playing a high card.

November Nine

The November Nine is a marketing idea conceived by the WSOP and ESPN to boost interest in the final table of the World Series of  Online poker ME final table.


The acronym NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work and refers to content that shouldn’t be read at the office.

Number One

‘Number one’ is the term for the best possible hand, a wheel, in 2-7 lowball, consisting of 7,5,4,3,2. Similar, ‘number 2′ consists of 7,6,4,3,2.

Nut Air

The nut air is when a  Online poker player has the best possible hand on a board without holding a pair or better.

Nut Low

A nut low hand is the best possible low hand in games of split-pot  Online poker or lowball. In a vacuum, the nut low hand is a wheel.

Nut No Pair

Nut no pair is a colloquial hand ranking that indicates the best possible cards that do not create a pair with the board in Texad hold ‘em.

Nut Nut

Nut nut is a synonym of ‘lock lock’ and refers to an occurence when someone has the best possible high hand and the best possible low hand in a split-pot game.


The nuts is the absolute best hand. Players can also hold the best possible straight, or nut straight, or the nut flush, which contains the ace of a suit.

Nutter Butter

There are many variants of the expression The Nuts in  Online poker. One option is to say The Nutter Butter.

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