Tech N9ne – Slacker

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go to CamCaponeNews.Com for all the latest in west coast hip hop Album:Absolute Power Song”Slacker” By:Tech N9ne
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25 Responses to “Tech N9ne – Slacker”

  1. DallarSpines Says:

    @snbramrod I like this S0:00NG


    yo tengo el poder

  3. 19691266 Says:

    this is dedicated to all my neechee’s slackin’

  4. tyronskater Says:

    @DarkJell0 too*

  5. markokovacevic40061 Says:


  6. markokovacevic40061 Says:


  7. LohsserENT Says:

    0:37 to 0:41 amazing rap Uranus part loved it :D

  8. tokyowhat Says:

    Crimen Sollicitationis

  9. DarkJell0 Says:

    Thumbs up if your a slacker to

  10. WCParrish Says:

    @snbramrod its amazing how a little green bud turns u into a slacker

  11. Letstravelbackintime Says:

    @HardkoreLobster do you know what a shout out is? Its when one artist shows their respect for another artist…it can be direct or indirect. This was an indirect shout out. You should educate yourself more on hip hop culture before making comments like that.

  12. HardkoreLobster Says:

    0:51 way to rip off Biggie Smalls Hypnotize…. JESUS…..

  13. CentslessMusic Says:

    @mjcjw1234 Uh… maybe if you’re retarded. You cannot honestly tell me Tech is as good as he was during his Anghellic and Absolute Power era. Now he’s doing shit with Lil Wayne and Eminem!? …no. He fucking sucks now. Anybody who is a REAL Technition would have the balls to say it.

  14. mjcjw1234 Says:

    @CentslessMusic what are you talkin about? his last album was fuckin bomb.

  15. netoer18 Says:


  16. xVoodooThaWickedx2 Says:

    Holidays? Them just be another day for me.

  17. CentslessMusic Says:

    Why can’t Tech make tracks like this anymore? Cat fell off.. hard.

  18. Rt239Xx Says:

    yall act like ur his bestfriend yall gay bro haha on some real shit none of us kno if he is or not u aint his homeboy

  19. donnielil19 Says:

    @madmar420 doesnt meen anything u fudgepacker u could probably be gay so dont tlk crap if u dont him bitch

  20. Qibano Says:

    @Hatchethomie138 never did, he says that he would love if he was one, he painted his faces and spiked his hair being a Killa Clown

  21. Hatchethomie138 Says:

    @MrChatterHead Dude… he calls himself a juggalo, proves how little you know about your artist.

  22. ParrLogan Says:

    @mhdixon21 haha u guys are both lame…haha

  23. KillaCarta Says:

    @mhdixon21 u like Gucci, VOID

  24. mhdixon21 Says:

    @KillaCarta i know its shock g but its from a pac song, and no it isnt void, you got no authority to decide shit especially when i say something thats a fact

  25. madmar420 Says:

    dumb ass tech is a juggalo

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