Take a trip down Las Vegas

December 01, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

This is a video with a lot of hot spots of Las Vegas (2008). Take a ride to memory-lane or fantasize about where you always want to go. Well at least enjoy watching this one
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6 Responses to “Take a trip down Las Vegas”

  1. Catootje58 Says:

    Nice video, good montage

  2. librat4u2 Says:

    I’m a huge CSI LV fan and just loved your vid! So many familiar places there :) And fabulous editing too.

  3. terenceamerika Says:

    Thanks for all the comments on this and other videos, please rate this video if you see this and other videos, thank you

  4. msblu5353 Says:

    Good video. Lots of fun places and sights.

  5. OurSteelo Says:


  6. rexlv2000 Says:

    :Fast moving video. You pretty much covered everything! Cool vid.

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