80's Commercials Vol. 36

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These commercials aired on local CBS affiliate KPIX on May 22nd, 1987. Thanks to my cousin David for recording these. 1. Starburst (Why is it that nothing sums up the feel of the 80′s better than bright neon lights?) 2. Sylvania Soft White Light Bulbs (Most frightening company mascot ever) 3. Crave Cat Food (Amazing jingle) 4. American Express 5. McDonald’s Chicken Salad Oriental (Are large corporations still allowed to use the word “oriental”?) 6. Promo for “Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary Celebration” 7. McDonald’s Garden Salad 8. Hallmark (What a strange commercial) 9. Sun Light (Well, I declare!) 10. Carnation Instant Breakfast 11. Promo for “Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary Celebration” 12. Promo for “Heroes: Made In The USA” (With Joe Namath) 13. CBS “Share The Spirit” Bumper 14. “Be Smart, Don’t Start” PSA 15. Sylvania Soft White Light Bulbs (Ahh! There are more of them!!!) 16. Ragu Thick & Hearty Spaghetti Sauce 17. Cheese (Cheese, glorious cheese!) 18. Promo for “Poker Alice” (Is there an 80′s TV movie that Tom Skerritt isn’t in?) 19. CBS Station ID 20. Chevron (Protecting Eagles from power lines since 1987) 21. PG&E 22. Promo for “Golden Girl: The Bridge at 50″

Maite is here a divine woman who can’t decide which boy to chose, so she wants to break up with them all. It’s just my vision of this song, I really like it, Maite is amazing. Song: Alejandro – Lady Gaga
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