Cristiano Ronaldo – The Super Star

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Отдел спортивных программ: Создатель: ( Олег Довгий ) Песня: 1) Aon feat. Iyaz – My Girl. Дата выпуска: 1 октября. Приятного просмотра. ______________________ [ Tags^ ] Cristiano Ronaldo-The Super Star by oleg dovgyi 2010 2011 HD new video skills goals CR7 freestyle real madrid cristiano ronaldo vs racing live strip poker 4 goals review C Ronaldo skills vs barcelona away 2011 new video cristiano ronaldo vs ronaldinho 2010 2011 HDTV 720p Feeling a Moment 2010 2011 Santiago Bernabeu CR7 Cmahpions league Real Madrid vs Malaga Full Highlights and Goals 17.10.2010 Real Madrid vs Racing Santander Goals and Highlights 24.10.2010 Real Madrid vs Hercules All Goals and Hihglights 31.10.2010 Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Full Highlights and Goals 7.11.2010 Real Madrid vs Sporting Highlights and Goals 14.11.2010 Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao All Goals and Highlights 21.11.2010 Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona All Goals and Highlights 28.11.2010 28/11/2010 El Classico 28 November Dovgyi Real Madrid vs Valencia Full Highlights and Goals 5.12.2010 Real Madrid vs Zaragoza All Goals and Highlights 12.12.2010 Real Madrid vs Sevilla Goals and Highlights 19.12.2010 Real Madrid vs Getafe 2011 Real Madrid vs Villareal 0997359720 2011 Real Madrid vs Almeria. Cristiano Ronaldo, cr7, real madrid, lionel messi, barcelona, rooney, manchester united, ac milan, ronaldinho, robinho, zlatan ibrahimovic, dovgyi, quaresma, chelsea, drogba, champions league, premier league 2010/2011, CR7 2011
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Lucky Star: Mini Nuggets

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Yup, that’s right. You’ve waited a long time and now it’s here from the creator of Azumanga Daioh: The Lost Episodes comes a new AMV Hell fan video featuring the girls from Lucky Star now even though the Azumanga Lost episodes are over, doesn’t mean that new anime shows can have there own lost clips, so enjoy this new series shock full of random skits with no plots Credits: The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson Homestar Runner – Teen Girl Squad Quotes Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana Poker Face – South Park Jim Gaffigan – Hot Pockets I Got No iPhone – Parry Gripp DragonBall Z – Quotes Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell Sonic Colors – Tropical Resort Simulator Zone Volvic Commercial – Quotes McDonald’s Girl – Dean Friedman Horton Hears a Who – Quotes Beauty and the Beast – Gaston Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – Sara’s Song You’re The Best Around – the Karate Kid SpongeBob Squarepants – Quotes Running in the 90s – Initial D Cavity Search – Weird Al Yankovic The Simpsons – Quotes Simple & Clean – Kingdom Hearts and Hip To Be Square – Huey Lewis & the News enjoy the show, and have a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! PS Apologies for calling Miyuki “The Ugly One”
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How To Be A Poker Star And Win Sit N Go Tournaments

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How To Be A Poker Star And Win Sit N Go Tournaments

Sit n Go poker is a name given to small field tournaments. Typically, the most popular sit n go will consist of less than 45 players; however some play real money poker sites have sit n go’s up to 180 entrants. The greatest appeal of a sit n go poker tournament is that it usually lasts less than a few hours.

If you want to build your poker bankroll, ideally, playing in the games which gives you the greatest opportunity for a return on your investment is the way to go. A sit n go allows you this opportunity because of the limited field size and the payout schedule is usually well proportioned for the number of entrants.

Two of the best reasons to build your bankroll in a sit n go, is the attitudes of the players are quite competitive and the experience level of your opponents is quite limited. The limited knowledge and over aggressiveness of the players in these sit n go’s will give you an advantage if you know how to make this work for you.

Winning a sit n go will depend largely on how well you play the cards you are dealt rather than how many times you get good cards. Since many of the players entering a sit n go is doing so with the intention of playing for a short period, they already have an anxious attitude toward the game. This ‘anxiety’ can work for you if you simply allow many of the players to ‘beat each other up’ in the early stages.

As you approach the middle and later stages, you can use more advanced poker strategy, such as check-raising, trapping and position plays to take down pots. These advanced strategies are normally more effective as you get closer to the money since the inexperienced player who has made it this far, typically will tighten up their game and fold to power plays.

In many of the smaller sit n go tournaments, the payout is usually the top three, four or five. In those cases, you want to carefully consider your starting hands when you get on the bubble. Even if you are the chip leader, you still want to avoid doubling up the short stack. Take care in calling the all-ins at this point and do not be the hero by trying to knockout every one that goes all in.

Once you are in the money, a good sit n go strategy is to look for an opportunity to move up the money ladder. Although aggression may build you a few chips to last out a few blind levels, you also want to keep an eye on your opponents chip stack. If a shorter stack has a chance of getting blinded out before you, you may want to let them blind out instead of trying to make a move and get busted before the shorty.

Sit N Go tournaments are a great way to build your bankroll, and by learning more about this special type of poker tournament you can easily add hundreds to your poker bankroll each week. Instead of just jumping into the next sit n go, take some time to discover the best poker strategy to use in a sit n go.

Want to play like the pro’s? Then discover the best way to win sit and go poker tournaments.

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How to Protect Your Bank Account By Studying Poker Star Broke

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How to Protect Your Bank Account By Studying Poker Star Broke

Online poker players are especially susceptible seeing as the money seems less physically tangible. If Cloutier and the pawning of his World Series of Poker jewelry is any example, turning this into a lifestyle can burn through a bank account that once had millions of dollars. It is easy to say and very hard to do, but knowing when to stop is as important as any other Texas Holdem tip that can be uttered.

You can win Texas Hold Em Poker in many different ways. The tips revealed in our article are going to share with you the best and quickest methods of doing this. Pay attention though, as you will need to sprinkle in a little of your own time and effort in order to get the best results. Following are some details of protecting your bank account during play real money poker or live poker activities.

It is very easy to get on a soap box and spout out a Texas holdem tip about how people should know their limits and stop playing when things are going very badly. Of course that particular song has been sung to death, and usually the comments simply become white noise.The words that make up this particular Texas holdem tip take shape again and become relevant when a champion and millionaire poker pro seems to have lost most of the fortune they worked so hard for.

While we are all familiar with cautionary tales from long ago, such as the saga of live poker pro “Nick the Greek” Dandolos, and the fact that he lost most of the millions he won during his lifetime, the potency of that particular example has been eroded by time. Today though, we have former World Series of Poker bracelet winner T. J. Cloutier. He is indeed a legend; he was inducted in the Poker Hall of Fame in 2006. This online or free play real money real money pokers expert also owns six bracelets from the World Series of Poker and has earned ,324,186 since he started playing as pro and is now 71 years old. If he is selling a bracelet to a pawn shop, then something very bad has happened to his bankroll.

Rumours are that TJ Cloutier went broke for some reason and had to get rid of the bracelet. Sometimes players are extremely good in their field of expertise but they go broke through some side gambling addiction they may develop. TJ Cloutier is one of the best tournament players in the world but it is well known that he has an expensive taste for high stakes craps and the word is he lost around million at the tables (we do not have a reliable source to confirm this fact though).Once at an interview TJ himself said: “Everybody knows that I like to play craps and that I really gamble with it sometimes…I regret that I’m so into it. But there’s a fix for everyone in these Vegas casinos. People get into blackjack or high-stakes slots. When I want to get away, I get away with the craps…I’ve beaten craps zillions of times. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is walking away with your money.”You can try it in Absolute Poker.

Talking about Mr.Cloutier’s story is not to pile on him.He is great.But I want the gamblers learn something from him,not only his success, but also his experiences.Very simply, players should stop instead of chasing the White Whale of “getting my money back”. The more you chase, the more you will lose.

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Poker star tells house panel that online gambling ought to be legal

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Poker star tells house panel that online gambling ought to be legal

WASHINGTON – Annie Duke , Globe Sequence of Poker bracelet winner, mother of four and the “Duchess of Poker,” can add another item to her special resume: congressional witness.

Globe Sequence of Poker bracelet winner Annie Duke says the issue is about the right of Americans to do what they want in the privacy of their homes.

Duke told the Household Fiscal Companies Committee on Wednesday that Congress must legalize and regulate the thriving underground market place for online gambling.

“At its most standard degree, the issue before this committee is personal freedom, the perfect of personal People in america to do what they want in the privacy of their properties without having the intrusion of the authorities,” Duke testified.

Online poker is illegal in the United States, but players even now flock to the web sites, set up offshore and largely beyond the attain of federal regulators. A charge introduced by Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., chairman of the Economic Companies Committee, would legalize and tax the websites.

Frank claimed that online gambling need to not be outlawed just simply because it could hurt the user.

“Unwise selections [are] portion of freedom,” said Frank, speaking just hours soon after President Barack Obama signed into law the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation he’s invested a great deal of the past year brokering.

Duke, who lives in Los Angeles, echoed Frank’s sentiments.

Proponents of the payment say the taxes could provide in as much as billion for the federal authorities more than 10 years; on the other hand, that number assumes that no state workouts the “opt-out” capacity built in to the expenses that would make it possible for person states to make a decision they didn’t want online gambling inside their borders.

Tom Malkasian, director of strategic preparing at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, termed the proposed legislation “fundamentally flawed and unsound.” He claimed he worried that the expenses did not offer adequate oversight.

He indicated his casino was concerned about competition from online gambling and explained the legislation would favor “overseas Internet gaming operators around law-abiding, tax-spending domestic gaming interests.”

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Discover Poker Instruction To Become A Poker Star

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Discover Poker Instruction To Become A Poker Star

One of the best ways to learn how to play online real money pokers is not by watching television programs or even by playing the game. Although learning by watching and experience is the best teacher, in many cases it is solid poker instruction that explains the why and how of playing that will help your game excel.

If you begin to understand why you are using position and how to trap an opponent, then your game will come more naturally, when you are in those situations. Just knowing the skills is only half the battle. Knowing when, how and why you are using that skill is the ultimate winning strategy.

There are many different facets to the real money poker and many different situations that require a lot of varying skills in order to succeed. Obtaining a vast knowledge of these different skills and how to play a particular poker hand in each situation can help your game and drastically improve your bankroll. That knowledge of the game is easily acquired through poker instruction.

While many players will just play the game with the hope of winning a pot or cashing in a poker tournament, any professional poker player will tell you that it is the skill of how to play that makes the real money. Skills can be taught in poker, just like in any competitive game, however it is the knowledge of when to use which skill in each situation that is important.

Two of the best ways to gain the skills to become a poker star is through poker instruction and by applying those lessons in your game. It is easy to obtain good poker instruction through books, guides and even live coaching. Although coaching sometimes is more expensive, it is by far the most rewarding, because you are able to ask one on one questions with your poker coach.

On the other hand, by reading several different guides, books or articles on poker, you can get a variety of ways to play certain hands. Choosing different styles and adapting them into your game will serve the purpose of being unpredictable to your opponents and also allow you to open your game up.

To become a poker star and an excellent winning player, you will need to spend time studying some of the many different possibilities in the game, because in reality, poker is not only about the cards, it is also about the players. Take the time to learn your new skills through solid poker instruction and watch your game improve drastically as you apply these poker strategy techniques.

Want to play like the pro’s? Then discover the best way to win sit and go poker tournaments.

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Poker Star Bonus – Enjoy While You Earn

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Poker Star Bonus – Enjoy While You Earn

People who are new to playing poker or who are not aware about poker star bonus should sign in for a new account and get started.  Check out for an active code which works perfectly when you sign up for this new account.  Unless and until the code is activated, the player will not be able to take the advantages of poker star bonus when playing poker in the poker room.

When players enter the active marketing code, they receive poker star bonus and also have the flexibility of playing freeroll poker tournaments.  Poker Star bonus can be earned by the players from when they play freeroll tournaments on the internet.  This means you earn good money by playing these.

If you want to clear this bonus money which you earn when you make use of the marketing code, you will have to play real money tables.  You have a choice of either playing cash games or tournaments.  It is mandatory that you use the code or else you will not be able to earn the free rolls or bonus.

There are so many lovers of poker who play everyday and play a variety of tournaments and also earn poker star bonus. Some of them earn attractive bonuses and points in the form of VIP treatment, rewards like invitation to a special function or event etc. Players earn poker star bonus when they play online real money pokers stars on the internet.  For making money, you will have to first invest a little and then play the game so that you earn big money in the long run.  It goes without saying that poker stars in a well established poker room and there are thousands of players playing online poker every day, every minute.

The first bonus of fifty dollars gets credited into your account when you make a poker deposit.  Players are able to earn points, irrespective of whether they play in tournaments or cash games.   When players make their first deposited, there is a specified area where they need to deposit their poker star bonus code.  It is very important that they use a valid code when making the deposit or else the bonus would not work and you will also not be entitled to any free money.  Hence, players need to remember their code and enter it prior to finishing the deposit or else it would be difficult to re-enter the code.

Basically, poker star bonus has been designed for attracting new players to sign up with the online poker site.  If you want to earn bonus points, you obviously need to be a good poker player.  One is required to learn the strategies, rules and techniques to emerge victorious in this game.  There are many expert players who earn their living playing poker.

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Poker: Reaching for the Poker Star

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Poker: Reaching for the Poker Star

People are always fascinated by stars and how it shines so bright in the sky and gives light to the night. For people that are fascinated with poker, this could be your view when you encounter Poker Star in your life.

Poker Star is neither a chip nor a name for a new game; instead Poker Star is a fun and safe place in the internet world wherein one could play online real money pokers with people from all over the world either for real or play money. There are many internet sites that offer people to play online real money pokers but Poker Star is the only place in the web where a person is treated like a star, hence the name. Before you think that is a hoax, Poker Star is a registered legal San José, Costa Rica –based business that abides by the rules and regulation set by the state.

Poker Star is not an online casino, as most of you already assumed. In an online casino, a player cannot play against the house but in Poker Star, you can and absolutely free of charge. Poker star receives its compensation from hosting games between players and through the collection of rake from each real money pot. There is a variety of real money pokers that could be played in Poker Star that ranges from .01/0.02 to 0/0. After identifying thoroughly Poker star its time to discuss how to get started in playing Poker Star.

Just like any other online real money poker software, a person must first download it and eventually install the software in the computer just like any ordinary computer game. Always take the time to read the terms of service by the company so that you could have a clear understanding of what the firm has to offer and also to avoid future complains and questions. After that, you’re ready to embark on a journey in Poker Star.

Aside from the quality service of Poker star, the firm is also known because of the different special features that the firm offers. One of its features is called player images which allow all players to select a personalized image to represent you in the gaming table. Instead of a text and an infernal blinking light when playing, this image would be the one that the other players would see. Another one of the special features in Poker star is the player statistics. The Player Statistics shows your performance in all of the games that you played. If a player wants to request their statistical data, it would be delivered in their e-mail. The Player statistics is customized and only available for private viewing which means that only that person could have access on it. Another special feature of Poker Star would be hand histories which enable a player to recall all the values and action taken from the past play. Thus, you could actually see if someone called you names from the previous hand. Next feature is the ability of having opponent notes which enables a player to jot notes and write useful tips regarding the player that they are competing with. These notes are saved in your system and only for private viewing. Aside from these features, traditional options in an online real money poker such as tournament are also offered in Poker Star. Poker star made sure that players would be able to enjoy and maximize the benefits of the tournament in Poker star.

In Poker star, players would be treated like a VIPs because they are really the star in the firm’s heart.

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Free Poker Star Strategy and Tips

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Free Poker Star Strategy and Tips

Now that more people are getting hooked on online gambling, it would be good to look around the Internet and find the best place for you to play. One good site that you can go to is Poker Stars. Poker Stars is your online Poker casino. The possibility of winning big is real and you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your home because it’s online.

If you’re new to Poker Stars then here are great ideas that will help you to get started. Before you can play on Poker Stars you have to be ready to make a deposit. Once you do this, you can qualify for a roughly bonus. The thing is you need to have a code for the web site to recognize and list your bonus in Poker Stars. If you don’t have one, then it’s a good idea to search around online for the code or you can go to flop turn river.

To optimize your gaming experience, you have the option to modify or make changes to the program. Customize by going to the Options Tab on the main page of the software.
From here, you can also change the settings for your time zone or select to show some hands. It’s all up to you. Customizing is so easy that’s why Poker Stars is considered user friendly. This is another reason why the number of players on this web site is growing.

In case, you prefer to have the hand history option, all you need to do is go to the Requests stab which is also on the Main Screen. The hand history feature allows you to view your statistics and it’s an awesome reference for you to play Poker strategically.

There are several ways on how you can use the hand history. You can set your software to view the hands you used for the past week, a specific number of hands, the hands used in a specific game or the last 100 hands. The hand option that you will choose will automatically be sent to the email address that’s linked to your account.

Once you have set your hand history, on your first game it would be good not to get a lot of hands. You should learn a technique which allows you to position and play hands that would lead you to win. If real money is involved, you should aim to win as well as have some fun.

Of course, you will have opponents when you play online Poker. It would be a great idea to study their moves or techniques. If there’s any pattern on how they bet, you definitely should take note of that. This is the first step for you to predict their habits and gain a winning edge.

Finally, never play on Poker Stars just because you want to learn something new. There’s a big change you will loose a lot of chips or money and this something you don’t want to happen.

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