Lady Gaga – Alejandro [Sims 2] HD

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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: BECOME A FAN: ASK ME QUESTIONS HERE: Finally, after over 2 month hard work. Here is my Video Alejandro by Lady Gaga…. The biggest part of the costum animations and outfits are by me, for the rest read please the credits ;o) … Big Thanks and Credits: 1. rowanisterug ( For so many accessory/objects and help. Without you the video would not have been possible :o ) 2. Siims3LoliiFreak for the great nun outfit 3. Christian Mateus for the beautiful white dress + Accessory 4. ERUJIEproduction for some fantastic animations 5. enriquew88 for the animations of the beginning 6. Max2Sims2 for help me to find the floor PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO! RATE, LINK, COMMENT AND TELL IT YOUR FRIENDS :D … All Music Copyrights goes to Lady Gaga / Streamline / UMG / WMG / Interscope Records and all other owners. THANKS, YOUR TM :o ) … More Tags: Loud album, tour, California King Bed, Cheers (Drink To That), Complicated, Fading, Love The Way You Lie (Part II), man down, only girl (in the world), Raining Men, Skin, S&M, what´s my name Born this way album, marry the night, americano, edge of glory, goverment hooker, judas, hair, scheiße, bloody mary, Highway Unicorn (Road to Love), bad kids, Heavy Metal Lover, Electric Chapel, You and I
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jmasem a lot of new shots , imagination … JMASEM Trickshots ! Because the limits do not exist !
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Lady GaGa – Alejandro [The Sims 2] HD (Official Version)

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Credits: • Modoimoda & Rapgirl – “Singing Love & Pain” Nightmakers • enriquew88 – 2 animations • La Maison Renard – bow under the chin Made by me: • All Lady GaGa Hairstyles (Except naked lady gaga one, it’s made by EA/Maxis and comes with base game, I just recoloured it) …

Lady Gaga – Poker Face [Sims 2]

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♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ Read Please! ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ Hope you like my new video, & I hope you enjoy it. Thanks For My 30 subs! …thanks for everyone who helped me making This Video, for all what u guys make for me! I love u big family :’) Ok, let´s go to the credits: Gaga Sim: ChazDesigns… Skin By Rowan, Edited By Me… Animations: Max2Sims2 SteffSimsStudio Mod The Sims Morimela RockMysims ErujieProductions Pool Scenes: Outfit: Recolour By Me, Mesh idk… Origamis: AlexJir… Glasses (Pool Scene): Recolour By Me, Mesh A+S Error… (Crystal Glasses) Glasses (Walk Scene): Made By Me (The Fame Glasses) House: TSR Hair: Recolour By Me, Mesh idk… Umbrella Background scene: Background: Max2Sims2/Sleepybum682.. Outfit: Me… ‘Thing in face’ (XD): Me… Nails: Recolour By Me, Mesh Shadylady482… Hair: Recolour By Me, Mesh idk… Blue Swit Outfit Scene: Outfit: Rowan… Gold Bracelet: Me… Frog: MTS (S3LF alert me to have it)… Hair: Recolour By Me, Mesh I thing from Peggy. TV Glasses: Me… Strip Poker Scene: Outfit: ChazDesigns… Hair: Mesh idk… Black Bracelet: Me… Gaga With The Boy Scene: Outfit: ChazDesigns… Hair: Mesh CoolSims Bow: Me… also, thanks to the creators from tsr, mod the sims, reflex sims, peggy, coolsims & other great sites for make objects, hairs, outfit, Skins, etc… If I forgot you, alert me ;) And help me credit the people Idk, thanks. Don´t be rude in comments please, thx! Twitter: Formspring: Facebook:

Taffy invited her sexually confused friend Sioux to a rousing game a strip live strip poker with her new friend, Pixxee. Starring Megan Heyn and featuring Nate Makaryk and Ryan Clark from Improv Shmimprov
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Ahmo Hight"American Curves Magazine" sexy bodybuilding Model shoots with Rob Sims at Hedonism 2

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Ahmo Hight is shot by world famous photographer Rob Sims at in Jamaica for National Lampoon movie.. CLICK HERE TO BUY UNCENSORED 4 DISC SET.AT AMAZON https BEHIND THE SCENES OF NATIONAL LAMPOON STRIP POKER. MOVIE 4 DISC SET JUST $ 29.99. OR CLICK ON BANNERS ON THIS CHANNEL NOW!Before fitness magazines were filled with sexy and glamorous photographs of beautiful women, there was a time when fitness modeling was quite different. The female fitness models were photographed much like the men: as physical specimens with bulging muscles, lacking any make up or charisma. The sex appeal found today within the world of woman’s fitness came nearly 17 years ago when master photographer Rob Sims was hired to teach fitness photographers how to shoot women. Until this point, Sims was an accomplished celebrity photographer shooting the likes of Pamela Anderson, Tom Hanks, Carmen Electra and other top celebrities. Sims quickly exchanged the model’s tops for items like sand, seaweed, and shells, and began shooting women in postage-stamp bikinis and the skimpiest g-strings the world has ever seen. During these times, Sims and his models created all the poses that modern swimsuit and lingerie models are still using today. Instead of flexing their muscles, Sims told the models to arch their backs, open their mouths, and spread their legs. The sex appeal in fitness and swimsuit modeling was born, as was the modern female fitness model. Today, Sims is one of the world’s most
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Lady Gaga – Poker Face "Space Cowboy Remix" [Sims 2] HD

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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: BECOME A FAN: My Sims 2 Space Cowboy Remix Video of Lady Gaga – Poker Face! All Music © belongs to Lady Gaga / Streamline / Interscope Records & all the other owners! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND WRITE A COMMENT :o ) THANK YOU!

Newly-minted WSOP bracelet winner Gavin Smith, 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, up-and-coming online live strip poker whiz and recent subject of a TIME magazine feature Jason Lee and Harrah’s / WSOP suit Ty Stewart join The Entities on the third installment of This Week In Poker, live from Las Vegas and the 2010 WSOP. For more information, show notes, and an upcoming schedule, go to Please check out our Sponsors Ep. #3. Awkwardness ensues from the get go. Promise. We’ll get this right one day. 0:00:27: Apparently we’re live. One week we’ll figure this out. Continue with who’s on the show this week. 0:03:29: Gavin Smith joins us. Discussion includes: Winning his first WSOP bracelet in 00 Mix Hold-em, Girls on The Rail, becoming a dad this November, who replaces him as the best without a bracelet, and winning his next bracelet. 0:20:48: Tribute to The Maven. “It’s a King… It’s a King…” 0:21:10: Jason “jaspudUF” Lee joins us. Discussion includes, playing 2010 WSOP, which Jason Lee is he?, Girls on The Rail, graduating from the University of Florida, “The Maven” parody video, meeting The Maven, hanging with his friends, online usernames, TIME Magazine article. 0:46:54 VP – Harrah’s Interactive & WSOP Ty Stewart joins us. Discussion includes: The Entities haircuts, WSOP numbers, numbers and numbers, it’s The Year of the ______?, Ladies Only Events, Breaking News on TOC moving to week of November 9 in 2011, Where will the 2011
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Lady Gaga – Poker Face [Sims 2] HD

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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: BECOME A FAN: My Sims 2 Version of the official Music Video Lady Gaga – Poker Face! All Music © belongs to Lady Gaga / Interscope / Streamline & all the other owners! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND WRITE A COMMENT :o ) THANK YOU!