sakura- I love Rock`N Roll

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my 2 AMV. this time it`s about the naruto charatcter, Sakura. enyou :)
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Kida has just about had it with sitting around in Walker’s (very girly) room playing live strip poker, so decides to hit the street and get some sweet booty. Unfortunatly the girls aren’t responding…which must mean ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY… This has been planned for a good while so i’m so glad it actually happened! It was immensely fun to film and I hope you enjoy the result!! Thanks so much to everyone involved and especcially to the ever epic midnight beast (original video: ) Bloopers to come soon(ish). Don’t worry there is more hetalia vids to come…this song just fitted these three too perfectly. O_~ SONG AND CHARACTERS DO NOT BELONG TO ME. BESTOW THE MIDNIGHT BEAST WITH THE LOVE THEY DESERVE.
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Sakura, Ino, and Hinata's Poker Face

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My myspace: My twitter: I got really bored, so I made this vid for my three favorite Naruto girls! XD I know, I know it most likely sucks, but that is because I have little video footage and where I get the anime episodes suck…So yeah. Ugh, YouTube ruined…
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Greg Hildebrandt created this beautiful pinup girl, life size, on black suede for the top of a real money poker table for a tournament. It is the largest pinup he has painted. Greg had a blast painting her. He says it is his equivalent to black velvet art.