Gus Hansen vs Erica Schoenberg – Amazing bad Beat – Best Poker ever Moments Collection 5x8d

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Sexy Ladies Playing Poker – Gus Hansen vs Erica Schoenberg

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A table full of sexy ladies playing live strip poker + Gus Hansen. Free 10$ , no payment details needed. For a FREE 10€ Bonus without needing any Payment Details!! Click the following link to VC Poker and start playing at money tables with no risk to your bank balance!
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This vid is about Ichigo x Kish and Lettuce x Ryou, set to a killer song by Lady GaGa. The guys love the girls, but they can’t figure out if Ichigo and Lettuce love them. They can’t read the girls’ live strip poker faces to find out if Ichigo and Lettuce love them. I DON’T OWN TOKYO MEW MEW OR THE SONG
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