Learn Poker from the Pros – Season 1 ep3 (part 2/3)

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Invitation from Stella

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stellastewart.com twitter profile http istardom.comnamed Stella TOP TEN INTERNET MODEL 2008 Stella is back and asking you to join her. Stella also has lots of new pictures and video, but because Youtube is so picky, you will have to go to her web site and her web site store to see them. Be sure to check back from time to time as they will be updated. Except for not being able to notify her fans the timing couldn’t be better. Stella completed shooting a pilot that has been tentatively (nothing is certain until it is on the air) picked up for February 2010 air date and she has a regular recurring role. Of course there were the usual parties and red carpet events to keep her busy too. it has been a long time. The last time Stella posted a video that wasn’t banned Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy were alive, the Lockerbee bomber was in prison, people still had their Clunkers, and the dow jones was under 7000. Stella grew up outside Boston, though she moved to West Palm Beach at an early age. She won her first beauty pageant there, and was given a glimpse of the land of beaches and land of trump near worth avenue. She was treated to trips to Dubai, Aruba, Bermuda, Cancun, Jamaica, Cabo San Lucas, Paris and Punta Cana as well as the places in the USA such as Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, New York, Washington, Key West, Atlanta and even Niagra Falls. Her dream was to go to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for a shot at Hollywood stardom. She wanted to go to the Ivy and see
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One Take scene from Gods and Monsters

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This is another assignment from my directing class: to produce a scene from your chosen film in just ONE TAKE…meaning no cuts…meaning the actors had no buffer. Fortunately, mine rocked.
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Kimura Lock from the Guard Position – MMA Candy

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www.mmacandy.com Kimura Lock from the Guard Position – MMA Candy
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Martini Bros – From Buleaux (Konrad Black Remix)

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Martini Bros – From Buleaux Label:Poker Flat Recordings Catalog#:PFR 90 Format:Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM Country:Germany Released:12 Nov 2007 Credits:Mastered By – Nilz* Written-By, Producer – Kahlcke* , Vamp* Notes:All tracks written and produced @ Audiopark Studio Berlin. Published by Ed. Starbug/Freibank and Ed. Emma Peel. (P) & (C) 2007 Poker Flat Recordings GEMA | LC 00747 Mastered at The Exchange. Made in EU. Distributed by Word And Sound. Tracklisting: A1 Towards Buleaux (7:14) A2 From Buleaux (7:44) B1 From Buleaux (Konrad Black Remix) (7:55)
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Jimmy Dolan, a terminally ill child gets his wish of spending his last day with actor Ken Davitian. Last Day Foundation CAST: Ken Davitian as Ken Davitian Jacob Vonderhaar – Jimmy Dolan Jon Lovitz – Drug Dealer Matthew Godfrey – Brandt Hollister Ashley Hinson – Show Hostess Steve Lewis – Dave Dolan Dakota Pike – Craigslist Girl Danika Quinn – Poker Dealer Alex Quinn – Poker Player Kevin Cater – Bartender Jimmy Swan – Stand-up Comic Dakota Rose – Posing Actress Bilal Hasan – Santa Claus #1 Kevin Cater – Santa Claus #2 Lyndon Johnson – Agent Directed by: Brent Roske Written and Produced by: Aaron Davitian Produced by: Graeme Smith Chris Barrett Edited by: Brent Roske Chris Barrett Executive Produced by: Ken Davitan Brent Roske Thadeus Wadleigh – Director of Photography Ric Griffith – Additional Cinematography Kevin Puotinen – Additional Cinematography Jenny Counsins – AC: 2nd Unit Kevin Puotinen – Sound Engineer James Bachert – Grip Kevin Cater – Boom Mic Operator Charlene Wee – Makeup Artist Jared Dyer – Production Assistant Imeh Akpanudosen – Set Photographer Danya Morrison – Set Photographer Logo and Poster Design: Janee Meadows Original Music: “Jimmy’s Last Day – Part 1″ Original Song Composed by: Vincent James & Kevin Monteleone “Ridin” Orginal Song Composed by: Jacquelyn Thropay www.LastDayFoundation.org Baby Hollywood Productions Copyright 2010
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Strip Poker Scene from Kicking The Dog

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Condom-Sharing Scene from Kicking The Dog

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Matt tries to convince his buddy Josh to use a condom he just had on his wiener. Sounds weird, but he has an idea that almost makes it seem cool. Now on DVD Everywhere. Rent it at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video or Netflix. Buy online everywhere. One of the funniest movies you will ever see. Order NOW at Amazon, Best Buy, Netflix and Target and have it delivered to your door on April 21. Amazon: www.amazon.com Best Buy: www.bestbuy.com Target: www.target.com Netflix: www.netflix.com A great film to watch with friends while having a few beers – and you’ll be quoting it for years. The song is “Monday” by Ritter.

"Strip live strip poker" a scene from the feature film "Welcome to the Cabin" starring Matthew Corbett Davis

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Strip live strip poker anyone? A group of friends decide to take a vacation. After a night of party and fun, they end up getting into way more than they had planned. Starring Matthew Corbett Davis, Teresa Noreen, Cean Huston, Alex Stevens, Carly Fanguy and Erika Pope. Shot by Jason Salonen. Copyright © 2010 Noise Pollution Productions. If you liked this scene, you’ll love this one too www.youtube.com

strip live strip poker

The Profits You Get from Instant-Play Poker

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The Profits You Get from Instant-Play Poker

In every discussion in the casino, there’ll never be a point that poker wouldn’t be discussed. In the last few decades, because of media exposure, poker has been more popular and more patronized by casino players. With the creation of online gaming and online casino, the poker surged its fame on a peak level with the instant-play poker.

Almost all who have attempted playing poker will certainly say that they took pleasure in playing the poker however, not all people have money to spend in playing poker. This is enough reason to rationalize the growing popularity of no download poker sites. Players online could benefit much from playing instant-play poker. The following are some of them:

Poker players can sharpen their skills for free!

If you aren’t yet ready to enter those casinos because you aren’t yet prepared with the best abilities, tactics and techniques, then you need to take advantage of the instant-play poker sites. No matter how long you like to play, it does not matter and it wouldn’t cost you even a single dollar. As you know, playing poker has money involvement and can be so expensive on your side particularly when you are not yet a skilled player of poker. Thus, you can take advantage of the instant-play poker to sharpen, enhance your skills and get yourself ready for the real game!

Amusement, leisure and relaxation instantly!

Another reason why individuals play online real money pokers is to be amused, be entertained and to relax. But, poker can be a luxurious game especially when you are addicted to it. W/ no download poker; fun, leisure and relaxation could be yours any moment. As long as you have the PC and Net connection, you can play and have pleasure wherever and whenever you want.

Join and make new friends with individuals who share the same poker obsession w/ you!

Like you, there are many individuals who like to play online real money pokers right away. This is your chance to know them and earn new acquaintances in their presence. As you know, everyone takes pleasure going out with people who have the similar hobby. Do you know that lots of friendship relationships have been made in instant-play poker websites? You could even take advantage of this to be taught from them. Ask them regarding their techniques and tactics and consult them to help you sharpen your poker abilities.

The aforesaid advantages are only three of the numerous benefits and advantages you can obtain from playing “no-download” poker. Get the same pleasure and excitement those poker players get when they download poker. Apart from that, you obtain the skill, the strategies, the plans, pleasure, relaxation, excitement and amusement and of course new friends.

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Advanced Hold Em Poker ? How To Dominate From The Small Blind

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Advanced Hold Em Poker ? How To Dominate From The Small Blind

Winning from the small blind is probably the hardest thing to do no matter how much of an advanced Hold Em poker player you are. This is the worst position to ever be in and you need the absolute best cards – or skill – to win.

However, it doesn’t matter how long you have been playing poker for, how well you know your odds or even how much you dedicate to poker, I know that you, like me, will be able to easily succeed from the blind with these advanced Hold Em poker tips. That’s why I know you are going to love this article once you read it completely through.

The secret to winning from the small blind is practice. However, these tips will definitely go a long way to making you more successful very fast. So before you go and take action to find more tips, more tricks and get your hands on new free poker ebooks, I want you to first think about how you are going to increase you game from the small blind in order to reduce your losses from this position.

Advanced Hold Em Poker Tip For Playing From The Small Blind #1

The first tip is to keenly and carefully choose your battles wisely. Even though your chance of getting good cards is the same as in any position, your chance of getting suitably strong cards whilst in the small blind is very low. This means that for the most part, you have weak, crap, useless cards in the small blind (where you need the absolute best to win).

For example, you may be able to play an A-4 from the button, but not from the small blind.

Advanced Hold Em Poker Tip For Playing From The Small Blind #2

The second thing to do is stop concentrating on yourself and start watching all the other players. Is anyone contesting the pot? Are the late raises valid or just blind steals? Pay keen attention to how everyone is playing because you will need this info for later.

Advanced Hold Em Poker Tip For Playing From The Small Blind #3

Now, protecting your blind by coming over the top of other players is harder when in the small blind than in the big. This is because you don’t know what the big blind is going to do, or what he likely has. However, you can take a risk and make out a big raise. If you have a strong tight image this will generally be enough to take the pot there and then because everyone thinks you will only play the best cards from the small blind.

Now you are probably aware that it is difficult to win from the small blind, but you are surely realizing how useful these tips and thoughts will be to you the next time you are playing poker.

How would it feel to easily be able to make some extra cash playing poker? Think about what you would have to do to get to this level like the information you have to find and read. Imagine opportunities for new advanced Hold Em poker tips appearing for you and taking action to read and learn these to become more successful.

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