[f(x) & suju donghae cut]SM audition experience idol 1/3

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f(x)(krystal,sulli,luna,amber,victoria) ,donghae(super junior),gangta sm entertainment : tvxq, sncd, shinee, f(x) ,boa~ cn blue-alone, 2NE1 – GO AWAY 2pm -heartbeat , f(x) -nuabo,shinee-replay,et eminem rihanna love the way you lie u-kiss ,bigbang lie ,lady gaga live strip poker face , gummy-there is no love ,2am-shinee-lucifer ,justin bieber baby(kpop)
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off the chain freestyle by kid cudi lyrics – I keep it cool, baby Kid Cudi, riding the cuddy as by the girls yeah they on screen love me double oh represent it til I’m finished as by GOOD Music and the music do it all day for my people all day and we use it hey, put your hands up to the ceiling scream loud homeboy if you feel the feeling hey, and the girl looking at me don’t be mad but she can roll with me in the Lexus, we gone go and do it in the next is generation x’s love first sexes ?? hey, and get it pass, red shoes on my feet Louis Vuitton you getting that pass talking wreckless, homeboy feeling it blank kiss my ass we gone get that bag, oh true when we rock that, man came in the game leather on tight I’m, tight and my ?? smooth like leather ayyy my pimp game tight like my jeans come through my diamond piece chain shine like rain and it glistenin’ uhh, keep rollin and yeah listen I let roll to the intermission, get back on the mission something like Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible got people rollin through when we rocking though cant stop it though let the bass kick in, right back and I get in and I smoke that kush that’d get me thinkin maybe very big and I’m eating hey, you know about that, rude like that I’m rockin my pastel I roll to London hit up it Dizzee Rascal we popping bottles and models moving, full throttle, y’all know it, everyday I ain’t joking live strip poker face, girl don’t wanna talk she wanna taste let her know it’s cool we won’t catch case and you know it’s
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Pokerstars.net ? the Ultimate Poker Experience

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Pokerstars.net ? the Ultimate Poker Experience

Poker is without a doubt the most popular card game both online and offline. These days however, the popularity of online poker has virtually skyrocketed. Millions of passionate players turn to professional poker websites each day to get a piece of the action. Online poker websites are open to amateurs as well as professionals, offering a wide range of virtual poker tables to choose from. Among the many poker websites that exist today, pokerstars.net is clearly the best and most popular one. With the best tournaments, the best players and the best website, it’s easy to see why pokerstars.net will continue to stay ahead of the pack.

Playing online poker has many advantages over going for the traditional way. First of all, you can play online poker from any location – it doesn’t require that you go to a casino. Furthermore, the variety of online poker players is absolutely astonishing so there’s absolutely no chance of you getting bored of your opponents. With online poker you can join virtual rooms according to the level of skill of your opponents or to the amount of money you’re willing to bet. Online poker websites also offer virtual money tables where you’ll simply be playing for the fun of it. If you’re looking for the ultimate online poker experience, pokerstars.net is where you’ll find the best of everything that online poker represents.

There are many reasons why pokerstars.net is the best website to give you a high quality online poker experience. First of all, there are thousands of pokerstars players filling the tables each day so you won’t ever have to worry about not having opponents. You can choose between tables with a higher or lower number of opponents, depending on your personal preferences. Poker Stars isn’t only about quantity but quality as well. Just think about it – the last three Poker World Series champions play on Poker Stars. You’ll literally be given the opportunity to sit down and play online real money pokers with some of the biggest players around.

Poker Stars offers plenty of great features for a more interesting and fun game. For instance, you can change the size of your table and start playing several games at once. Pokerstars.net also gives you the opportunity to upload your picture and turn it into your very own ‘poker image’. With all of the players having an associated avatar the game will become more fun and personal. Furthermore, you can get a bunch of cool items from Poker Stars, including poker chips and tournament entries, as a reward for playing frequently.

Poker is definitely the hottest online cards game you can play these days. And pokerstars.net is without a doubt the hottest online poker website around. With plenty of fun features, bonuses, professional players and useful game tools you will get a five star online poker experience. And who knows, maybe Poker Stars will be your big break to becoming a poker star yourself.

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