America´s Next Top Model Cycle 12 Portfolio

February 24, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

This one is my first video. ANTM’s Portfolio Cycle 12 the winner was Teyona Anderson but my favorites from I begin Allison and Celia. The Girls in order of elimination; Kelly “Isabella” Falk, Jessica Santiago, Nijah Harris, kortnie Coles, Sandra Nyanchoka, Tahlia Brookins, Lauren “London” Levi-Nance, Natalie Pack, Felicia “Fo” Porter, Celia Ammerman, Aminat Ayinde, Allison Harvard, Teyona Anderson. Songs; The Fame by Lady Gaga Just Dance by Lady Gaga feat Colby Odonis Poker Face by Lady Gaga copyright ; i want to give all the rights to the songs used in my video to Interscope Records, and the Photos to The Cw and to the people that take or create them. I am only using these songs and phtos for entertainment purposes for my video.

Fuck your ego, fuck your scene. All your shorts are brown and green.
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