CathyMay15 Boom Boom Boom Way Ho Girl

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Read: The new internet star, CathyMay15 from Norway. Let’s get this viral. Just to clarify; This is not me singing, it’s CathyMay15. So please stop sending me PM’s asking me to marry you. She deleted her channel and all her videos because of some haters. This is reuploaded. Way ho, Wayho, weeho wayhoe weehoo vengaboys boom singing star cathymay15 outhere brothers wayhoe weehoo hoe cathy may 15 music sing wayho Catherine Marjorie Solumsmo cathymay boomboomboom boomboom girl wayo
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Ultimate Party Girl (CathyMay15) [REMIX]

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CathyMay15 partying
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Finally x) i promise Anne that i would end this video after all (: sorry that it was since December, i still have loads for videos to finish anyway lmao —————————————————- *watch in HQ* BACK UP ACCOUNT: ———————————————— but this time i have a reason for everything what i did (: “Poker Face” couldnt get out of my head actually i did a dance with that too x) & since Blair is my favorite character… the first part of the video i played with the colors in grey & the colorful ones, to show like Blair is a multiple face. When she is sad & when she is happy. The cookies on the beginning is because of her life too. Everything is so perfect & so planned. That she needed to get into the reality. Thats why i used Nate & Blair clip after that. & when she started singing it was like all her life, a bit of it. starts with the parties, Georgie epi, Chuck one. In that not so right order anyway. her evil plans, all in differents ideas. The black & colorful playing with the ideas of the ones that are around here. the Jenny part it was obvious a important one. i did like a dream & actually in all the tv show Jenny is the only one who took Blair out of her queen place. She is always in grey, because she is like a past something that Blair would never think that would actually happen. & then we just have her evil plans & her fights. Always showing how she acts & how she is the most important