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CNC machined out of solid aluminum. dice moves inside its aluminum shell very unique piece.all chamfered and radius With a nice chime sound. Easy to follow sound direction. these dice are also imposable to manipulate when roled because of the inner free movement.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jason Auer “of Power” drunk lap dancing his therapist Lilit during the strip live strip poker episode of the “Talkin’ Shit with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft” podcast.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Last live strip poker hand in Casino Royale (2006)

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Enjoy…There are other copies of this scene here, but either the A/V are horrible or there’s ads in the video. This is a clean version with great audio. Enjoy :)

Bookmaker Sportsbook, Horse Racing Betting, Online Casino Games, Online Poker and Mobile Betting

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Bookmaker Sportsbook, Horse Racing Betting, Online Casino Games, Online Poker and Mobile Betting

BookMaker Sportsbook, Where the Line Originates…Since 1996, BookMaker has been building a reputation among sports betting enthusiasts for their first-class customer service. BookMaker offers safe, secure and legal sports betting on sporting events, as well as horse racing and online casino games from any location in the world by telephone, internet, or by BookMaker Mobile via cell phone, PDA or hundreds of other wireless devices 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Your BookMaker sports betting account grants you access to a sportsbook betting experience like no other. BookMaker put forward the biggest selection of special bets and betting props for all major games and sporting events from all around the globe. When it comes to basketball and baseball betting, they have all the action at BookMaker. Half time lines, quarter lines, exotic teasers and parlays, in-progress betting, pleasers, props and much more. BookMaker have full coverage of all pre-season, season and post-season games for NBA basketball and MLB baseball. BookMaker also have betting odds for all hockey, basketball and baseball season games, playoffs and finals. Their goal is to provide their players with the best College and NFL Football betting experience on the Internet.

Horse Racing Betting, horse betting odds for over 100 North American race tracks. With a BookMaker racebook betting account players will Access the biggest selection of horse racing betting options on the Internet. Enjoy horse betting from all the major race tracks in the United States. When it comes to thoroughbred horse racing betting they have all the action right here. BookMaker have full coverage of all major horse racing events plus daily action from all major US racetracks. Be sure to check their selection of exotic bets for thoroughbred horse racing betting. At BookMaker Racebook, horse bets are not placed in any pari-mutual pools and can receive up to 8% rebate. BookMaker Racebook offers betting options on Win, Place and Show, Daily Doubles, Exactas, Trifectas, Superfectas, Pick 3 and Pick 4. BookMakers goal is to provide their players with the best thoroughbred horse racing betting experience on the Internet

BookMaker Online Casino Games brings you the BEST in online gaming. Whether you are looking to play classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, online slots, video poker or if you want to try your luck at shooting craps, you have come to the right place. Now you can play all your favorite casino games in one of the most reputable and trusted casinos online. BookMaker online casino is all about fair gaming. Their software is designed for true randomness and fairness on all casino games.

BookMaker Online Poker is currently one of the most popular activities within the online gaming industry. Millions of players around the world start to look at play real money poker rooms under a new light, specially after noticing that every year the final tables at the world poker tournaments count more and more online players.

Online Poker is, without a doubt, the greatest training ground for poker champions from all over. Even the former champions are now looking for play real money poker rooms to keep their skills sharp and remain competitive.

BookMaker Online Poker gives you the opportunity to enjoy play real money real money pokers with real players from all around the world. BookMaker Online Poker offers Hold’em and maha games with a great variety of table limits for you to choose from, all of them providing a true multiplayer poker experience that will make you feel like you are playing in a Vegas card room.

You can play free and real money games in a variety of tables, offering different limits and various real money pokers. BookMaker Online Poker welcomes you to the experience of real play real money poker action, that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Play Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud and much more.

BookMaker Mobile Betting changed the way people think about betting. Now BookMaker Mobile Betting brings you the opportunity to bet through your Mobile device, Phone or PDA. Before, you had to go to the Racetracks or Casinos in order to place bets on your favorite events, but those times are gone. Today BookMaker Mobile Betting gives you the chance to place bets from your mobile device (Phone or PDA) at anytime and anywhere you are.

Check out Bookmaker Sportsbook and Casino at BookMaker Sportsbook and Casino

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Online Casino Guide –

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Online Casino Guide –

Casino Cash Journey is a comprehensive portal giving the reader endless information about the online casino world. The site offers visitors a wide range of resources – from a new player who wants to find out what types of games and bonuses are available at different casinos, to those players who want to make a through comparison of which bonuses are offered. Our up-to-date online casino directory presents players with a list of over 300 online casinos, including bingo halls, poker rooms, mobile casinos, backgammon and mahjong sites.

Free Cash and Casino Bonuses

At, we enjoy presenting players with free money and the unique bonuses only available to our site. A wide range of various bonuses are listed and players have the opportunity to read up about the casino in the review column before deciding whether to play at the online casino or not. In the alphabetically listed online casino directory, the details of the bonus schemes are explained. A player is also shown whether any type of deposit needs to be made in order to qualify for these specific bonuses.

In addition to the list next to the online casino directory, there’s a separate list featuring different types of bonuses, in order to make a search even easier! Those casinos which offer bonuses with no deposits are listed in one tab, while those that offer monthly bonuses are listed in another. An additional tab presents a summary of the exclusive bonuses only available to Casino Cash Journey readers.

Online Casino Directory

Each online casino featured is reviewed and basic information about the casino is presented. This information includes facts like how to receive the bonus offered, wagering requirements, types of games, wagering limits, banking information, comp points, currencies accepted, the casino’s licensing and the software used.

The casino list is divided up into alphabetical order, and is also broken down into additional easy-to-find features. There’s a Top 10 list along with a list of new casinos, which is especially good for old-timers looking for new casinos. For those players who are set on a specific software provider, we also offer a list of casinos according to the software like Playtech, Microgaming, Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming, Boss Media and many more. also provides players with a list of popular online casinos that offer their software in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Swedish.

For Bingo Lovers

At Casino Cash Journey we are aware of the recent hype that online bingo has created and we have therefore dedicated plenty of resources on this fun, simple and great game. We have compiled a list of more than 25 bingo rooms and offer a thorough review on each one, including bonuses, wagering details, software type and, of course, a list of games. Players can also brush up on their bingo general knowledge by reading our interesting articles on bingo history and a basic guide on how to play bingo. For those players who wish to impress the bingo caller (and themselves), there is a list of bingo number terms as well as common bingo phrases.

Poker Resources

Over 65 poker sites are listed in our poker review section. Everyone knows that poker is the hottest game on the market, but there are so many poker sites out there offering an immense range of bonuses, payouts and rewards, that players need to choose their sites wisely. The poker rooms listed on our site offer great software, fast payouts and good customer support.

There are several types of poker variations and for a newcomer, this can certainly be overwhelming. Texas Hold’em, 5/7 Card Stud, Omaha Poker etc… Our site offers clear and concise instructions on how to play all of the different variations of poker, poker strategy and common terms pokerss. The intriguing history of poker is also presented in a comprehensive article.

Strategies and Resources

Players can never read enough and at Casino Cash Journey, we believe knowledge is power. Players that know the rules of the game, know what the different terms and phrases are and know how the games developed, will have a well-rounded and through knowledge of the games they play. With this knowledge they will be able to take on the online casino world and hopefully come out as winners.

Basic how-to-play guides are abundant on our site: baccarat, blackjack, bingo, backgammon, craps, keno, mahjong, several poker versions, roulette, slots and video poker. Players will gain understanding of game rules and playing methods before trying them out on the hundreds of reviewed casinos.

Free Games

The site offers players 40 free games that require no downloading, with immediate playability and easy to follow instructions. These free games give a player a true taste of casino life with no financial obligations – actually we give you free points with which to gamble so you never have to worry about running out until you are a pro at the games.

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Casino Games And Poker Games

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Casino Games And Poker Games

Online poker is the most popular card game which is widely accepted not only in Western countries but all over the world as well.Following are some details of casino games and real money pokers.

Poker players often look with contempt at those sitting hunchbacked over slot machines, shouting for sevens in craps, or praying to the gambling gods for the ball to land on their number in roulette.They walk through the casino on their way to the poker room shaking their heads. “Look at the fish. You can’t beat casino games. Don’t they know that,” you hear these people mumbling.

1.Let us freeze the picture there for just a moment and try to analyze the situation. We have a bunch of self-proclaimed poker players looking down on people playing games that can’t be beaten in the long haul. And they are right. You can’t beat the online casino at roulette, which most of the people playing the game are well aware of.  But the odd thing is that at least 90 percent of those playing poker also are going to lose – something they habitually tend to forget.

2.When you play online real money pokers money constantly leave the table in form of rake. To become a winning player it’s not enough just being an above-average player. Far from it. Since a large portion of the cash on the table is destined to end up in the casino bank vault there isn’t much left for the superior players to share – and that is exactly what you have to be to win – a superior player.

3.Poker players often mix up “it’s possible to win” with “I’m a winning player”. Let us call it the poker player’s fallacy. They overestimate their skills which often have disastrous effects on their economy.Naturally there are casino games players who don’t gamble responsibly, well, quite a few to be honest. But I think most casino gamblers know that they probably not are going to win. Just as someone who buys a lottery ticket realizes that the chance of winning is extraordinary slim, a slot player understands that hitting that humongous jackpot is almost impossible.

“BUT THE CASINO HAS AN EDGE,” the upset poker player screams on the top of his lungs.Well, that’s true. But there is a 90-percent chance that the casino together with your opponents has an edge on you.Only one poker player in ten actually plays with positive expectation.To speak poker lingo, that is the same odds as hitting a gut-shot straight draw or turning a two pair into a full house from turn to river.What would you rather be, a recreational blackjack player who knows that he will lose a little in the long run or a poker player who believes he’s a winner but in reality will be stuck a fortune in the long haul?Only fools choose the latter.

People always want to have chances to spend their time with pleasure and profit, and online casino games just provide them a good chance and playing platform. So the professional and effective gambling guide can bring gamblers much higher odds to let them win some profit and enjoy their happy time!

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Where To Find A Poker Dictionary And Casino Hotels Online

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Where To Find A Poker Dictionary And Casino Hotels Online

The real money poker is a very strategy oriented game, and if you have ever tried to play it without any foreknown knowledge, then I am sure you have become lost quite easily. While it is not the most complex game in the world, it can be very confusing trying to figure out some of the terms used in poker.

These terms are well known by the veteran poker players, and if you are planning on playing poker at a casino for money any time soon, then you will definitely want to learn some of these definitions. I am sure you are thinking “well there is simply no way I am going to remember all of these terms, and be confident enough to play the game at the same time”. The fact is, you don’t have to memorize them, nor do you have to buy an expensive book to learn them! They are permanently stored in an online poker dictionary!

You can use this FREE poker dictionary whenever you’d like, but I would not encourage you to pull it out and use it at a casino table, as this is against the rules at many casinos. Instead, just scroll through the poker dictionary, and become acquainted with all of the terms right before the game starts. This will give you a fresh memory of the terms you need to know. Trust me, if you do not know these terms, you are going to be very sorry! Learning these poker definitions could mean the difference between you winning and losing tons of money in one night! After all, if you want to make your night at the casino an enjoyable experience then you don’t want to be lost the entire time trying to figure out what in the world people are talking about!

Maybe you are already familiar with the entire poker lingo. You might even be an experienced poker player, who just needs a place to stay during your trip to the casino. Well, what better way to take a casino vacation then to stay in a hotel that is also a casino! Of course these are not rare or hard to find in anyway, and nearly every casino has a hotel attached to it, but the hard part is finding one that is affordable and that suits your needs!

This process can be very time consuming, so if you want to save time then you should check out the database of casino hotels that have been compiled online. Now you no longer have to finds each casino hotel site individually, as they are all located conveniently on one page for your quick reference. Now you will never have to go through the hassle of trying to find the home website of each casino individually again! No more putting sites in your bookmarks folder either! Now you can simply visit one page and find all of the terms pokerss you would need in one place online, with very little effort.

Browse Poker Dictionary online or learn more about Casino Hotels.

James Bond is all-in (last poker hand in Casino Royale)

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Probably the hardest poker real money game ever played. Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

High Stakes Poker – Hansen Negreanu – Big Pot

How do poker champions take millions home from the casino?

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Question by john disko: How do poker champions take millions home from the casino?
We have seen people win millions of dollars at the world series of poker or the world poker tour, and they always splash the table with the money when they are down to two players left, but how does the winner take that money home? Do they put it in the trunk? Do they wire transfer it? How does a person who just won 9 million dollars get it to their bank?

Best answer:

Answer by Bill M
I wish I could say I’ve done that, but I’m guessing they probably get a check or have the money direct deposited in their bank, after the taxes are taken out.

Give your answer to this question below!

Casino Games: Online Poker. Part One

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Casino Games: Online Poker. Part One

Let’s start with differences of play online poker real moneys real money games from off line poker real money and the pros and cons of the play online poker real moneys real money games version. The main principal difference is obvious – poker players, the opponents cannot see each other. Hence, on one hand play online poker real moneys real money games player does not have to maintain his “poker image” and on the other hand the poker player cannot “read” the opponent hand by focusing on the Body Language. So, in play online poker real moneys real money games room the psychological moment of the game is rather weak, for somebody it is good and for someone it is not so good. In other respects play online poker real moneys real money games presents only advantages and it will take a long time to name all of them. Here are the main ones.

Any play online poker real moneys real money games room the same as any online casinos work 24 hours a day 365 days a year and any poker player may play all around the clock hole year.

Online poker room player does not have to tog up and go somewhere. Playing poker online at the computer is more comfortable that at the casino table.

Online poker room player can choose from a wide variety of games including the rarest ones. Online poker room player may play during a fifteen minute break; or leave the table any time. Poker player may participate in a number of tournaments and cash-games. Online poker room player can play short handed tables or face-to-face. Online poker room player may play at several play online poker real moneys real money games room tables at a time, play many games in an hour with simultaneous shuffling and dealing. Time limit for decision taking makes the game more dynamic. Online poker room player does not have to control and count the jackpot and his own chips.

Playing poker in play online poker real moneys real money games room is a good practice for the beginners playing micro limits which cannot be found in off line casino.

Before playing the game.

If you are ready to play online poker real moneys in an play online poker real moneys real money games room, you should install play online poker real moneys real money games room client programs. Basically the poker software comprises two parts – server part – here the cards are generated and information about all the players is collected. Client’s part – here the player sees the cards, opponents and makes poker decisions. Both parts of the software are connected via the Internet and constantly exchange information.

Client programs.

Online poker room client programs can be of two types: downloaded (executable programs ) and non-downloaded ( flash or java, played in the browser ). Non-downloaded programs are less convenient though their number is increasing. To play non-downloaded poker room version a poker player should, as a rule, press some button like “Instant Play”, then a small browser window will be opened and the poker room software will be downloaded there. If this is java poker room program, the player should have java scripts enabled in his browser, flash plug-in should be installed to view flash. The poker players are likely to have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher with 128-byte encryption.

If you prefer downloaded version ( and it is more convenient and functional), please find the section “Download” at the poker room site and download the program (usually 4-8 Mb, though sometimes occur small ones less than 1MB; they download the software after the launch and then will install the client). When the download is complete, start the program and it will install the poker client. As a rule the client will automatically add the icon of poker room at your desktop or to folder “Programs”.

Rules for the registration at play online poker real moneys real money games rooms, money depositing and withdrawal of the winning money are the same as in online casinos. When registering, fill out the application, indicate your full name, address, phone number, email, select login and password, and also your screen name that will be used during the poker room playing sessions. Almost all play online poker real moneys real money games rooms accept cards. There are a few e-wallets such as Moneybookes, Neteller, Firepay and so on to ease play online poker real moneys real money games room players funding options.

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Casino games: Online poker. Part one.

Casino Games: Online Poker. Part Two

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Casino Games: Online Poker. Part Two

How to choose an online poker room.

Choice of the poker room for the poker real money is very significant. It is prudent to pay attention to the following factors: convenience of depositing and withdrawal options, availability of the required games and consequently – total amount of players, level of opponents, software, support, bonuses, etc…

If you intend to use only credit for depositing and withdrawal funds and bank transfer, then it will immediately limit the list of the available poker rooms. If you can use several methods of depositing and withdrawal funds, for example, you have an account with e-wallets such as moneybookers or neteller then this issue will not restrict your choice.

The next question is: what poker real money and at what limits are going to play? Texas hold’em limit and no limit, also single and multi-table hold’em tournaments are popular at any online room, but those who prefer Omaha poker, and stud poker have to choose the most attended rooms (Party, Stars, Full Tilt) to find the opponents. The same refers to those who love high stakes, not all online poker rooms even in holdem have players who stake /0 or higher.

Most poker players want to win money, so they look for weaker poker opponents. Lately the trend of leveling the poker opponents in different poker rooms is becoming more and more obvious, nonetheless Party and casino poker rooms are considered to have less professional poker players (Prima networks, Boss Media, Playtech, Pacific Poker).

Poker player may have specific requirements to the poker room software, for example, non-downloaded software is offered by poker rooms of Ongame, ?2?, Prima and Party Poker. Many poker rooms allow to reduce the size of tables, and the computer screen without overlay holds four table with the resolution 1024?768. For somebody the facility of Poker Tracker can be a criteria. One can buy Tracker and use it, other poker players prefer poker rooms that are not allowed the Poker Tracker.

In general, it is not about WHERE you play but HOW you play. So, choose the poker room with sufficient number of opponents at your selected limit, convenient depositing and withdrawal funds options, maybe good bonus and go ahead!

The game.

After registration, log-in and enter the lobby of the online poker room. Here, as a rule, a poker player will find out the number of players, latest news, choose options, enter the cash desk to make deposit. But the main thing is the choice of the poker real moneys. A poker player may choose the necessary game (holdem, Omaha, stud, etc.), its type (limit, unlimited, pot-limit), cash or tournaments (sit&go or multi table), limits. The number of poker players and anticipants is shown for each poker table and also average jackpot, number of poker players at the flop and number of hands per hour. The poker player can view information about all the players of the selected poker table in anew window. The player may join the vacant table, or wait list (the player can wait for the first vacated table at the particular limit or particular table).

To make the first deposit, enter the cash desk and deposit the required sum, choosing the payment method.

When the table opens, the poker player may take any vacant seat. Appearance of the players and the table differ from one poker room to another, but the principle is the same everywhere – oval table with seats around it. Chat option is usually at the bottom of the poker room site, as well as options and buttons for decision-making. While it is no your turn to lead, you may use the buttons of preliminary choice of action. Tick one of the proposed flags and when it is your turn, it will be done automatically. If you have not performed preliminary choice, then you have to select one of three buttons: Fold, Call, Raise. You can use mouse to operate, but some poker rooms allow to play with keyboard using “hot buttons”. You pocket cards are displayed next to your name, general cards are put in the centre of the table. The poker player usually can view the statistics of his game, communicate with other players in the chat, make notes about other poker players which will be available at every poker real money with this opponent.

Enjoy experience with online poker.

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Casino games: Online poker. Part two.

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