Strip Poker Supreme – Undress a Girls

October 29, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Hot Girls of strip real money poker players. Enjoy

Windsor Girls’ School Gospel Choir, run by Misha Mandy and Bethany Evans, performing at the Spring Concert on 29th April 2010, Rollin, Rollin..

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6 Responses to “Strip Poker Supreme – Undress a Girls”

  1. TheSlough1989 Says:

    I know this indian hoe lol. Write in to her at Sonika Prasad, 72 St Pauls Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 5ES. Thanks to all the fans and viewers!

  2. LaurenAquilinaMusic Says:

    @Phil19780 thanks very much :) no, we’re from windsor just outside london! and thats me, i’m conducting.. just very subtly.

  3. Phil19780 Says:

    That sounds awesome! I love the harmonies, I wish my school choir would do that. Is this a school choir in Australia? Why is there are girl sitting on the floor in front of them?

  4. ralphramos2002 Says:

    uhm.,., that was okay. just hit the notes perfectly.! good job! i think girls were too chesty that is why they had a difficulties in their high notes!

  5. raymondryanpogi Says:

    waw i love thissss

  6. panicatthediscochica Says:

    this is so cool (:

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