Strip Poker (Redux)

September 07, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video Suzy-Q learns a thing or two at the live strip poker table.
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21 Responses to “Strip Poker (Redux)”

  1. cevlar5005 Says:

    press 3 for laugh ;D

  2. MerryMaryTravelogues Says:

    Okay. Double or nothing!

  3. ThunderFly666 Says:

    I can teach you EVERYTHING about Strip Poker! ;)

  4. venhamgenteeee Says:

    as mamas

  5. MerryMaryTravelogues Says:

    I’ll take two!

  6. killaclick Says:


  7. rubix32 Says:

    take it off u cunt

  8. CarlTrooper Says:

    should be shot

  9. DancingSpiderman Says:

    Poke Her.

  10. nogginthefroggin Says:

    Yes, some lovely sights along the Mississippi.

  11. keeolii Says:

    oking at her eyes, you’re looking at the wrong sp

  12. bornbillsmith Says:

    When you lose (your clothes) playing poker I suggest you wear clean underwear.

  13. Madyout187 Says:

    OH MY GOD! this is so freaking awsome! if you paste this message into 5 other comments and press ALT F12 the name of your future boyfriend or girlfriend will show up on your screen!!! its SOO COOL

  14. selatik1 Says:


  15. Bullrotweiler Says:

    Where is the extension of this movie ..;)

  16. mellamoROB Says:

    No you won’t.

  17. BigBrotherSux1994 Says:

    I’ll play in that game!

  18. DarkDennis1961 Says:

    As far as poker is concerned, you just keep doing what you’re doing.

  19. Y2p731 Says:

    Old fashioned poker is no longer fun. It’s all about Texas Hold’em these days.

  20. losercomet Says:

    Im down to my socks and all in!

  21. stairscout Says:

    Show me your boobz

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