Strip Poker. No, Strip Gin… no strip?

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As usual, on my wife’s day off we try to spend some time together because it doesn’t happen too often. So for our usual date, we got Chinese food, and Icecream, but this time because the weather was so nice we went to a Terrace and had a cider and long drink. But then, while playing a friendly game of cards, she reveals a secret of mine. Check it out. All music written, produced, and recorded by my wife: Intro & Outro:So Very Mainstream (slow remix)
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Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from cinemabeyond and more videos in the Party Games category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Because, hey, it’s a lot more fun than Strip Solitaire. To complete this How-To you will need: Two or more players A set of playing cards Clothes to remove Lowered inhibitions Cash Step 1: Pick a gambler’s game like five-card draw, which has three rounds of betting. Step 2: Agree on rules. Like the order in which clothes have to be removed. And whether or not jewelery counts. Step 3: Have everyone ante up an initial bet, like a single article of clothing, before the cards are dealt. Step 4: Starting with the person to his or her left, the dealer gives each person five cards, face down. Step 5: After everyone looks at their cards the person to the dealer’s left begins the round of betting, stating the number of articles of clothing they’re willing to wager. Everyone follows, matching the bet, raising it, or folding. Tip: In some games players start out with a small amount of money and must resort to their clothes if their cash runs out. Step 6: When the betting is done players get to trade in up to five cards. Step 7: After everyone receives their new cards, there’s another round of betting. Step 8: Once this final round of betting

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50 Responses to “Strip Poker. No, Strip Gin… no strip?”

  1. 1000jovaughn Says:

    on ur next date u should have sex

  2. MsPenny70 Says:

    Thanks for the reply. If I can make a suggestion, something that worked for me … instead of applying for jobs, give your resume to the schools, especially adult education schools where adults take evening courses and pensioners take day classes. Tell them to call you if anything comes up. I got my first gig when someone had to leave unexpectedly. I study and teach some days and evenings. I know it’s hard to get settled. Good luck. I hope it works out for you guys here.

  3. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @MsPenny70 Yeah.. I’ve been applying to various jobs EXTENSIVELY for about 6 months now, and overall sporadically for about a year. I only had one offer, and it was to be an english ‘club’ teacher, but it wasn’t what I thought, an overall too undependable and unpredictable. It wasn’t through a school, it was a club that visited diff schools.. it wasn’t for me. Oh well, eventually something HAS TO come aong… either that or we have to leave. I’m sure it will be fine.

  4. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @Farranenough aww.. lol. well, I’m sure I’d get past G with my wife ;-) I may try that :-D

  5. MsPenny70 Says:

    PS-Just read your story. What a journey you’ve had. Thanks for writing it. I thought it was moving and well-written. I’m glad that you’re here and safe with Marika. I, too, had a troubled life in America and I consider Finland, in many ways, to be a sanctuary. (And I’m not talking about the welfare state here. This place has helped me find peace and balance in many ways.) Have you thought about trying to get English teaching jobs? You’d be really good. Many schools just want native speakers. Hug

  6. MsPenny70 Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the reply. Have been officially living here for two years. My husband is Swedish-speaking, so I’m learning Swedish first. As you will have gathered, it’s a lot closer to English than Finnish. But I can tell you that, at least for me, it’s still no picnic! ;-) Start learning Finnish in January. We’ll see how that goes … Am pretty terrified but I will learn it with time and so will you! Job options so far: teaching English. I like it so far. Definitely let’s keep in touch! :-)

  7. Farranenough Says:

    Do the alphabet thing where you each are assigned alternative letters of the alphabet and have to pick a date starting with each letter. I got A first and went to see Alice in wonderland by A train in Auckland. Yea, 3 whole A’s. Beat that…. thinking about it…. we never got past G…

  8. Farranenough Says:

    Damn! Finland beat NZ by…. around 1 million people!

  9. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @CylindersCrystal121 :-D Thank you very much! I think she’s pretty darn sweet too ;-)

  10. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @MsPenny70 Oh wow. That’s great!! So how long have you been in Finland then? Do you speak the language too? i’m finding this to be the most challenging part of being here, as it seems I must know the language to get a job :-/ But then school interferes with studying the language most of the time… blah Thank you for the encouragement! If I didn’t have this hobby, I’d probably go nuts! :-D Stay in touch!

  11. CylindersCrystal121 Says:

    You are a lovely couple!!.Marika is so such a sweet girl.Dannielle is so cute too.

  12. MsPenny70 Says:

    Hello! It’s so nice to have found you guys! I’m an American living in Finland – except I live all the way up in Kokkola! (For the record, I’m 40. Don’t think I’d have survived it in my twenties, even if this town is sort of growing on me!) Anyhow, love this crazy-weird-wonderful land and have seen many of my own cultural adventures in your videos. So cool to have a little touchstone in the form of Surviving Finland. Keep’em Coming! Penny

  13. MsPenny70 Says:

    Hello! It’s so nice to have found you guys! I’m an American living in Finland – except I live all the way up in Kokkola! (For the record, I’m 40. Don’t think I’d have survived it in my twenties, even if this town is sort of growing on me!) Anyhow, love this crazy-weird-wonderful land and have seen many of my own cultural adventures in your videos. So cool to have a little touchstone in the form of Surviving Finland. Keep’em Coming! Penny

  14. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @timangy I don’t kow why but she doesn’t like Suomenlinna… Maybe because she has been there so many times as a kid or something. But I love it there. I am plannig to go very soon.

  15. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @superman41573 I think I may just make this our very next date! :-D

  16. timangy Says:

    Go to Suomenlinna (if you haven’t been there already). :) I’ve taken all my dates and exes there :D Perfect for picnic s and stuff. Maybe I will get to spot you there too ;) )

  17. superman41573 Says:

    a picnic in the park with some wine

  18. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @hepscockoo :-D I’ll remember that!

  19. MrPatrick1980 Says:

    Don’t forget public health care!

  20. hepscockoo Says:

    Your next date should be in the nature… go to the forest, take barbecue-food with you and enjoy the beautiful lakes near you… There are so many spectacular place so close… And if you need a guide, you know who’ll you contact!!

  21. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @ThePoliticalLiveWire If that were real, it would be horrible!! During the winter, the terraces are torn down and put away, they build all the platfrms and stuff every summer. and move chairs out etc. so no terrace in the winter. LOL of course not, the title een reveals there is no stripping. It says no stripping (question mark). lol Oh and PS. you will never beat me at monolpoly, you may be mr political, but I am soo manipulative and sneaky, and great at this ‘war games’ type stuff :-D

  22. ThePoliticalLiveWire Says:

    my favorite episode of the Simpson’s was when Mr. Burns blocked out the sun. I was like “awesome!!”

    what do they do with those terraces when the sun is never out? lol

    there is no stripping in this episode at all!! lol… and i wasn’t surprised by that, lol.

    oh yah, i loose things all the time *cough*

    oh when i come out there, we are playing monopoly, and i shall emerge victorious! lol

    i wonder if i have a tell when i lie. hopefully not. i’m getting into politics afterall, lol

  23. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @Primetime2088 Yeah, we’ve been to one. We really need to get out and see more of them.

  24. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @scorpionway good point! Though, we still want to mix things up, and its funny that you should mention a pic nic, cause we have already decided that we are going to do that ;-) Have a few ciders, and a nice picnic, just cuddle up and people watch and enjoy the sun! :-D Bliss

  25. SurvivingFinland Says:

    @madgeckham813 It was raining here EVERYDAY too! Yesterday was actually the only nice weather lol. and we were hoping today would be good too cause we are going to the park with one of my friends today, but it looks a bit cloudy. I mean its only 7am so we have time for that to change.. Mid summer Is around the 24th of June, We wish you guys were gonna be here, we were invited to a cabin again with Eija. Its SOO much fun!

  26. BabeiDianeaa441 Says:

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  27. freezingcold1 Says:

    i wear 9 of everything so i dont gonna pay or strip

  28. llamallama2007 Says:

    Rofl i love 1:21

  29. ewancameron1995 Says:

    fail of a spread by the blonde girl!

  30. sexyelexia Says:

    Great now to find Tyki and play him in this… -gulp- o . o

  31. AdGarUK Says:

    This does’nt really teach strip poker. This is just showing u how to play 5 card draw! Stupid…

  32. 7daytheoryful Says:

    Fag boys

  33. IzMeAkitiz Says:

    lol never knew howcast is so dirty

  34. LacyLuvsShoes Says:

    Omg, play this game with your boyfriend!
    And sometimes it can turn him on if you keep losing. ;)

  35. 2112jdog Says:

    what fags hahahah

  36. sergioandres258483 Says:

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  37. anki888 Says:

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    Well i haven’t played it in real but i have on internet i don’t know about other but i use this my self…nvm nice video

  38. SoSickNastyx3 Says:

    lmao. !

  39. rainbowrockzgirl Says:

    LOL, wow, i just love clicking on radom videos to laugh at.

  40. twilightlover22355 Says:

    lol that is so random i dont even know y im watching it – it came up in some playlist thing lol …… scared 4 life nooooooooooooooo lol

  41. freakchickindahows Says:

    LOL nice

  42. GreenDayFtw0 Says:

    Optional :
    5 Layers of clothes.

  43. TheXander360 Says:

    hes hot lol

  44. seanconneryyayay Says:

    great idea lol

  45. badboybevz09 Says:

    funny girls

  46. cycla Says:

    it’s better than the reaction guys!!

  47. GreatYeldar Says:


  48. 5645coolio Says:

    that would be insane!

  49. SuperSlySamuraiSpy Says:

    Oh! that’s brilliant! I like the asain guy.

  50. CubeAddict123 Says:

    LOL when the guys were like ooh

    and then they were like aww dammit..

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