Strip Poker (NO AUDIO) USA Network

March 31, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

An example of the fine programming of USA Network in the late 1990′s

A viral leading up to the release of robyn’s album in the states!!!

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17 Responses to “Strip Poker (NO AUDIO) USA Network”

  1. pgraybengal Says:

    I agree post more please!!!!

  2. bearfoot3 Says:

    I loved that show! Can you post more clips from it?

  3. relnic09 Says:

    Nice video, do you have more of the strip poker episodes?

  4. delkitten Says:

    1 person knows robyn cheated :)

  5. G00SEFLESH Says:

    i love it but it’s much to short *___* <3<3

  6. fedtemis Says:

    cover?? I think so!

  7. PartyGamingPlc Says:

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  8. gaga192837465 Says:

    love her which one is perez?

  9. SurfwaxMax Says:

    0:56 at 1 o’clock.

  10. sethocopia Says:

    Robyn is awesome!

  11. missiworld Says:

    Ah, that was a nice laugh.

  12. hjntom Says:

    actually i don’t. too bad, eh? :)

  13. FortunaSC Says:

    he is in the circle next to Robyn
    you do recognize her do you?

  14. hjntom Says:

    and where is perez hilton? or how is he related?

  15. EymardVivas Says:

    Good buenisimas!!

  16. XaneCardin Says:

    Great song to work out listening to. I love how she says “button!”

  17. lalalandcuteness Says:


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