Strip Poker for Day Traders

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Sportswear company Puma has a new marketing campaign that combines the stock market and strip live strip poker. The Big Moneys Caitlin McDevitt explains in this installment of Broadbrand.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mark Hapka as Nathan Horton. Nathan joins Melanie, Brady, and Arianna at the Horton Cabin and things get a little interesting when the group decide to play a game of strip live strip poker. Enjoy! This episode aired Thursday July 9, 2009 on NBC.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to “Strip Poker for Day Traders”

  1. Dboyvc1 Says:

    Something cool going on with Mr Top Step com / see Futures monster for live vid and instant messaging from the floor of the CME by guys that have been around a long time No BS or go to twitter and hit mr top step

  2. DaFistxProductions Says:

    where do i get this!?

  3. blismwithmyblizblop Says:


  4. whitepages95 Says:

    the girl sounds like she has a really bad cold

  5. brianfanslau Says:

    Great review!

  6. pk511 Says:

    ummmm… wow…. 5 stars!

  7. AngelayAileneio220 Says:

    heh_i_sIgÑêÐ_Ùp_Ãt_FÛll_Tilt_PÕkér_ÜsiNg_Referrãl_CøDÊ: You600 àñD_gÓt_à_6o0_bucks_böñÜs

  8. chump316 Says:

    lol its like duh that the guys are like im down lol all fast

  9. LG1Tgamer Says:

    He is lucky

  10. DaleMurph Says:

    Wonderful scene.

  11. TheGuesswho10 Says:

    i better see some shirtless DOOL men in their 45 Years photo book it comes out just in time for holiday season 2010.

  12. Acsmitte5 Says:

    thumbs up if your a girl and clicked to watch the hot shirtless guy

  13. TrGreaves2090 Says:

    its funn how ppl grow up so fast on soaps ..lmao.. shoundnt brady be like 18/19? lol

  14. TwilightGirl647 Says:

    LMAO Nathan totally checked her out!!!

  15. kanoagirl1 Says:

    Lol Melanie has the best poker face! It’s hilarious. lol I laugh everytime I see this video.

  16. Exkwsit Says:

    wait WHAT? Melanie and Brady were once a couple??? (from reading comments below) … anyways, omg this scene is freaking hilarious, Nathan just kept looking even after the fact lol, and this is the scene when everybody got to know each other wow… I love watching the past of Days, it’s weird (i never watched Days until 2010, this year) … soo interesting

  17. bee2550 Says:

    Nathan &Melanie are so darn cute.

  18. TwilightGirl647 Says:

    It’s like Melanies Invisable LOL

  19. HotnSmart1 Says:

    nathan and melanie are so cute

  20. krisyee8 Says:

    Melanie is too cute..a royal blush

  21. TheDiggers00 Says:

    Enough already about Brady and Melanie. The romance is between Brady and Arianna and I think she has a gorgeous smile and way about her. Very ladylike yet mischievous when she tipped water over Melanie. Rock on Brianna!

  22. runningwolf1986 Says:

    i love brady ready and willing to defend melaine. I know she really didn’t need it but it was cute.

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