Strip Poker

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They should have known better to play me in Strip Poker. I took all their clothes

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25 Responses to “Strip Poker”

  1. 2017ShoZanG Says:

    Jack: “HEFTY” 8:17

  2. roflollies Says:

    I love how Chuck is like “YEAH!” when he wins, then starts frowning furiously again

  3. ZeroJeremy1 Says:

    the npc’s are so freakin dumb, they all in with nothing but crap……..yea………u is awesome

  4. VeNoIVI1 Says:

    I remember when I first played strip poker´╗┐ with trixie-lynn, I was kinda afraid when trixie-lynn took off her bandana she would have messed up teeth or something haha

  5. juanito1414ify Says:

    3 naked girls and 1 fat nerd intresting?

  6. gravsjo Says:

    @BlackMasterJoe89 I’ll give you a hint on how I solve the time issue. Do main quest only ;-) You get more than enough time to do whatever you want. There ain’t a wrong way to play this game since you can only restart from beginning later =)

  7. BlackMasterJoe89 Says:

    The thing I don’t like about this game is that they rush you and your on a time limit. Other than that this game is incredible.

  8. itsjordan99 Says:

    zombies everywhere, no hope, only one thing to do… play strip poker

  9. TheT1231995 Says:

    Lol he’s looking at their boobs after he finishes

  10. PerfectKirby Says:

    I wish you could actually choose who to play strip poker with, cause frankly, I wouldn’t have chosen any of these girls as my opponents

  11. TYRERAMA Says:

    Now you only need to face Jack to be champ

  12. TYRERAMA Says:

    Now you only need to face Jack to be champ

  13. hardypro619 Says:

    i wanted to play this with rebecca chang :D

  14. weststee88 Says:

    Kristin needs to lay off the booze…

  15. weststee88 Says:

    @luckyscootboy it’s on availible on a mission called anti-up u need these 3 survivors to play. it’s availble between case 5 and before case 6

  16. DeathsG Says:

    @Raith105 before case 5-1 starts. Shortly after you take kill the two chicks from TIR

  17. DeathsG Says:

    @PCgamer474 how well does that work?

  18. 102293 Says:

    I wish you could’ve gotten Bibi to do the strip poker

  19. luckyscootboy Says:

    how come the poker table isnt out when i want to play? someone plz help?

  20. QUICKSCOPEZ1309 Says:

    7:40 BOOBIES!

  21. AdyG53 Says:

    If u kill them do their arms move

  22. fredylempira Says:

    the game is rated m show the boobs yo dont cover them

  23. fredylempira Says:

    the game is rated m show the boobs yo

  24. Arkman968 Says:

    Nifty indeed.

  25. smurfkidharley Says:

    @mallan625 wouldn’t u if they were hot?

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