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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Eric Martsolf & Mark Hapka Lose at Strip Poker in “Days of Our Lives”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses to “Strip Poker”

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  6. imasailorgirl Says:

    I love getting to play!!

  7. Catilinax Says:

    Join me for a game :)

  8. Penfold456789 Says:

    Join up now – this is fun !

  9. ellew2006 Says:

    cool site

  10. reykjavik66 Says:

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  11. uStripPoker Says:

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  12. jfmlists Says:

    cool strip poker site for adults. do i need a webcam?

  13. CutiiErinnaa958 Says:

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  14. 13yut Says:

    What episode is this?

  15. porterkelly Says:

    Hahaha! So cute. Molly and Mark are doing a show at ACME Comedy Theatre this Saturday! Eric’s done it, too…all very funny peeps!

  16. TheStylistGuru Says:

    zania? i like this show alot…but zania? they couldnt pick a better name lol

  17. miguelfukt Says:

    sexy! oh ethan! lol.

  18. No1kittycat9lives Says:

    Eric is hella HOT! I wouldve like this scene better if Lindsay Hartman was Arianna in this scene lol

  19. TheAmylove77 Says:

    Eric Martsolf is very sexy

  20. lorrr55 Says:

    a bit? she knew all the cards that were dealt.

  21. TwilightGirl647 Says:

    @chubbyguerrero STHU If you Don’t like the show then don’t bother to make rude comments your wasting your own time.

  22. pasha405 Says:

    haahhahahhha i like it

  23. 72ve17 Says:

    theres no winner in here – its just a wanna be teased series

  24. TheStylistGuru Says:

    its a tv show, not real life

  25. BigCJFan Says:

    Now THAT is some nice man candy right there!! Eric is HAWT!! Mark is not far behind!! *drool*

  26. 16564318 Says:

    LOL “Dude I cant believe you said Zania” this Brady is really shaping into the old Brady I likey…

  27. chubbyguerrero Says:

    these guys are total fags! melanie is a stupid obnoxious skank and who would screw everyone at that table. brady is gay.

  28. socaldude83 Says:

    I like Erick’s boxers better, SOOOO F-ING HOT!!!!!!

  29. hummerboy874 Says:

    i love it

  30. lovesinternetdvdtv78 Says:

    Melanie is such a lovable trollop! I loved how she conned the two muscular hunks to strip for us! Holla! I loved seeing these guys in their boxers and I loved when Nathan made his muscles move! HOTTTTTTTTT!

  31. Chadoh25 Says:

    I LOVE these girls! They totally kicked their ass at cards, even if they did cheat a bit! lol

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