Strip live strip poker

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Blonde strip live strip poker – does she know the game?

@ UConn 3/4/10 Totally did not expect her to break out into Poker Face, haha. Sorry for me getting mad in the middle of it, there were a couple crazy girls in front of me who STOOD UP during it. They were so annoying all night.
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22 Responses to “Strip live strip poker”

  1. Username14310 Says:

    What a sexy girl I wanted to sex with her.

  2. herekittykitteh Says:

    maybe..maybe not *wink

  3. bsilva1996 Says:


  4. computerglue Says:

    lol i think she shot him for that money :-P

  5. jirses Says:

    hi, what are the two words at 0.37 between longhorn and straight flush? I cannot hear it… thx

  6. masajek Says:

    can’t believe you’ve got such a beautiful neighbour! :-)

  7. chess2585 Says:


  8. blue77 Says:

    Only for follow her career.

  9. PokaDeJoka Says:

    No spanish amigo! but english and hebrew! why you want to know things about her? shes not very famous!

  10. blue77 Says:

    Hi PokaDeJoka (spanish De… ???)
    Can you tell her surname for us??… any thing about her?.
    Thanks man.

  11. PokaDeJoka Says:

    no, natalie portman is from haifa originaly! but shes a big hollywood star now! this is a different natalie, she lives down my road..

  12. blue77 Says:

    Natalie Hershlag… aka Natalie Portman?

  13. delightfulAlexis88 Says:

    HAPPY HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! stressed??? let me relax you…


  14. PokaDeJoka Says:

    her name is natalie and shes israeli, lives in tel aviv, on a road called Tel Kabir! enjoy findin her

  15. marly228855 Says:

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  16. solskjaer00 Says:

    Who is this woman?
    Please teach.

  17. MsRememberthename Says:

    I am so proud of her. is that weird? she has an amazing concert.

  18. formanm19 Says:

    THis is one hell of a song.

  19. ilovejaclynn08 Says:

    as if i couldnt love her more??? she busted out w gaga…im in love!!

  20. 115grace Says:

    @candisdelicate It is me!! :)

  21. uoxouyukie Says:

    i enjoy the video,
    even there is someone annoying;)
    thanks for sharing!
    i love her poker face version:D

  22. candisdelicate Says:

    Dude, is this you? I was totally there and I’m pretty sure you’re the Grace I think you are. :D


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