Strip live strip poker London model photoshoot

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Victory Poker brings together the sexiest UK models and Poker Pros and pits them in a no holds barred strip live strip poker match. Featuring live strip poker models Sara Jean Underwood, Rosie Jones, Emma Glover, Victoria Moore and Photographer Chelsea White. Sign up for free to play on Victory Poker online at

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25 Responses to “Strip live strip poker London model photoshoot”

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  2. lokoxxxxx Says:

    She has amazing personality:-) lol. Take 20Kg of makeup and few stupid whores and you can make this video. To good music for this. (btw, i dont say they are not sexy)

  3. Kilooscarromeo Says:

    All great until the end when that schmuck started talking

  4. TheJennySex Says:

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  5. monikaa637 Says:

    This is a good chance for fast date with bbw

  6. black7white7 Says:

    i hate the united kingdom based english accent

  7. black7white7 Says:

    whats the name of the song?

  8. katekennedydance Says:

    Nice photo shoot!! Check out MR. PEEPS SUPERMODEL photo shoot for some European Attitude!

  9. left4dead124 Says:


  10. MrFranz1155 Says:

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  11. nameless5656 Says:


  12. nameless5656 Says:

    whats the son called?

  13. sAsadov Says:

    Tinie Tempah – Frisky videos music

  14. maxxhardcor Says:

    lubie to…

  15. blackhawk229 Says:

    @mainkan91 the first one is actually still alive mt eden dubstep remix

  16. pitek630 Says:

    from 0:43 – 1:36 isn’t original version by Lisa Miskovsky but Mt Eden Dubstep mix

  17. KarlChristan Says:

    last song?
    and damm omg Ku godt(danish)

  18. KayOne0607 Says:

    Good Boobs And a Hot Body too …

  19. Wordlaw12 Says:

    The intrumentals they played were really good, oh yeah, the girls were really hot.

  20. 7ExaltingroguE Says:

    Man what I do to be in that guy’s position.. Its a wonder how they dont get boners

  21. Tehballzor Says:

    love the girl on the balcony

  22. tamishamurchakg Says:

    why are you waiting here online Russain wives

  23. 123pwnd Says:

    3:01 lucky ppl on other side :p

  24. soopy939 Says:

    @Valyc77 thank you

  25. junk3m0 Says:

    pfft…this is better, way better:

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