Stevie Vegas: Team Poker Girls – Ksino Home Game

August 27, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Stevie Vegas’s Team Poker Girls mix it up with big time players and other hipsters at a fantastic poker real money home game somewhere in the Vegas night….Paradise City..
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Nice poker real money game between cast of Friends versus the Gilmore Girls Visit: Play

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12 Responses to “Stevie Vegas: Team Poker Girls – Ksino Home Game”

  1. jhondrysherrera119 Says:

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  2. adamharringtn Says:

    pretty hot!

  3. Skiaffo Says:

    @jwrocks they don’t have two kings of heart. It’s just the graphic that is bad, and the T of hearts of Lauren looks like a King but it’s not, look carefully.
    Lauren has a King of clubs and a Ten of hearts, Matthew got a King of hearts and a Ten of diamonds.

  4. jwrocks Says:

    just curious, how can they BOTH have 2 king of hearts? or is it that they are playing with 2 decks, because if that was the case, I would understand.

  5. mckinleyannie Says:

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  6. TheCurlyBrunettexoxo Says:

    kind of funny they play against each other cuz they dated

  7. originalscreenname44 Says:

    ah, the hotness that is sara rue…

  8. ezziear Says:

    u don’t watch malcom in the middle?

  9. Faygo069 Says:

    omg i thought that chris guy was justin timberlake. that would have ruined poker.

  10. bruty16 Says:

    i think marieu2704 has it.

  11. Melimelo91650 Says:

    cool vid!

  12. mazu24 Says:

    can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post the whole video of this game!!

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