Stan's Whale sharks/Cartman sings POKER FACE

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Stan gets aboard a whale sharking ship and wants to beat up the Japs for killing whale AND this is when Cartman sings POKER FACE :D XD :D XD XD XD
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25 Responses to “Stan's Whale sharks/Cartman sings POKER FACE”

  1. chumaster90 Says:

    @claire11onigiri Awwww, are you butthurt?

  2. chumaster90 Says:


  3. arisko777 Says:

    @Epimpin101 yea its true, fuck yourself.

  4. Epimpin101 Says:

    @arisko777 lol u paranoid cocksuckers…. ya the illuminati gets off by drawing triangles everywhere. Holy shit ur in a fkin cult, and need to get some serious help.

  5. msterling2009 Says:

    iis this the actual scene?

  6. spillemand2 Says:

    gooooooooooooooooooooood video

  7. spillemand2 Says:

    gooooooooooooooooooooood video

  8. spillemand2 Says:

    I love the video then you can learn it in stupid pig of Japanese

  9. Zpetsnazi Says:

    @arisko777 Illuminati is freaking everywhere… :(

  10. RunoJohnsson Says:

    of course godzilla scares them.They are Japanese.

  11. BeastEBoi Says:

    haha godzilla scared them!

  12. arisko777 Says:

    illuminati from 1:08- 1:20

  13. LisaIr1jenta Says:

    I like the sea shephers beacause they are doing something big,

    and on my way, I have almost become friends with Pete Bethune (Peter james Bethune) so it is well not so strange that I like The Sea Shepherd

  14. LisaIr1jenta Says:

    @vietanmay911 huh?

  15. LisaIr1jenta Says:

    @22cevans I agree hi is NOT a fat liar!
    But i don`t tink it was awsome beacause people will believe that they do illegal things to boast with potato guns and stuff. But it is Pete so are doing that. And they wase not with on that vidio.

  16. billyjoe0008 Says:

    great but the whole episode is much better!!!!

  17. drkuroneko Says:

    Yes, Admiral Captain Watson is only a proven liar.

  18. aPSFmember Says:

    I hate the damn person that created southpark.. F Y southpark!

  19. oskar5140 Says:

    F*CK YOU SOUTH PARK!!!!!!!!!

  20. obhunter2000 Says:

    My fAvorite episode

  21. 22cevans Says:

    Awesome. But Captain Watson is not a fat liar

  22. professionalkillergk Says:

    @claire11onigiri no, fuck you, claire!

  23. tejasgokhale01 Says:

    japanese american asian white black …. real problem is humans vs nonhumans …

  24. ArodWingfoot Says:

    @aLATURCA82 Thanks.

  25. aLATURCA82 Says:

    Whale Whores (season 13)

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