Sparkleberry "Duck" Run 2010

December 02, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Sparkleberry “duck run” to benefit Flyway Foundation and Santee National Refuge!!!
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Sick hand during Poker after dark, Gus and the ladies

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32 Responses to “Sparkleberry "Duck" Run 2010”

  1. harrisonray Says:

    Definitely need to plan a trip to attend this

  2. BubbaZ71Tahoe Says:

    I know some guys from that area… One of my padnas went a few years ago and met the girl he married there

  3. arthurdsuggs Says:

    It is like tailgating at you favorite football game or at a Nascar race except it’s on water. You and your friends would love it!!!

  4. BubbaZ71Tahoe Says:

    I can see it coming that I am going to have to get a bunch of friends together with the mud motors and head that way one year…

    the possum cops mess with us to bad here in Louisiana

  5. arthurdsuggs Says:

    @dws9312 near Santee lakes in South Carolina

  6. dws9312 Says:

    wheres this at

  7. 1992jrm1992jrm Says:

    HELL YEAH!! haha IT was AWESOME

  8. TamaNewb Says:

    They all want him….

  9. yellow01umrella Says:


  10. Powerrangerdyb Says:

    1:22 she has no idea what’s going on lol. “Is this good or bad for me??”

  11. teknomogul Says:

    not ONE of those chick is up to par

  12. THERollyboy123 Says:

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  13. FullTiltRico Says:

    Put a cock in it Clonie.

  14. MrAndrewbud Says:

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  15. WaspSnG Says:

    @DenHaagDenHaag Leer jij nou maar eens normaal Engels en verhuis naar een mooiere stad.

  16. DenHaagDenHaag Says:

    womens youre position is not playing poker against the big boys please go to youre kitchen

  17. bestpokercoach Says:

    Ha! you can see Gus loving it playing these ladies.. :)

  18. YaBayrot Says:

    erika’s hott

  19. teuntje123feuntje Says:

    @bonavinter agreed, strange looking kitchen huh?

  20. etschult Says:

    “this is how we do it…haha”

  21. Furthermore23 Says:

    1:22 OMG!!

  22. rosenborg7 Says:

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  23. ThatOneFoo13 Says:

    This Is How We Do It.! xD

  24. GazWha Says:

    i’d bang all of um ..including gus

  25. SeanFHoward Says:


  26. Vadim19700 Says:

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  27. FreeBlago1 Says:

    Yahoo image these broads from only 7 or 8 years ago. Poker must be stressful because they are not aging well!!

  28. Harbec Says:


  29. findejs666 Says:

    what sick is on it? He won coinflip

  30. moonomatic Says:

    @chiquinho333 “…can’t sop aughing”? “duckless virgins”?
    Please use your brain before you comment next time.

  31. MaximusRelaximus Says:

    @marshallbrooks1 I haven’t seen you, so I don’t know if you’re slammin or not, but she definitely is, so it can’t be just you.

  32. youhavechanceyouhave Says:

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