Sonic Girls Poker Face With An Extra At The End

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This has The PIctures repeated…ONLY BECAUSE I wanted you guys to see the pics what they are like without the effects… thats what i do all the time I’m watching a video and then it has an effect that changes the color i’ve never senn the picture before so If I try to find it I don’t know the color so I can’t Get IT!!!!!!! It makes me mad but sooner or later I’ll Find it…Right? ANYWAY read the credits if you can because i’ve been writing e-mails all day and now my hands are almost red plus very painfull I like the thing that’s by the name of your video when your trying to upoload it it goesaround and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and … … … .. . . .. ….?
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Anne Boleyn’s uncle and father give her a mission – seduce the king and become his mistress. She starts that mission, not letting Henry realize that she actually wants only wealth for her family – and herself – and she doesn’t really care for Henry. Because of her live strip poker face, Henry can’t read her and finally, she reaches her goal. Song used here is Poker Face by Lady Gaga.Please rate and comment:)Disclaimer: THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST, MOVIE, ACTORS OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY. IT’S PURPOSE IS JUST TO ENTERTAIN OTHER FANS.
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43 Responses to “Sonic Girls Poker Face With An Extra At The End”

  1. TailsXMarine1701 Says:

    2:40 omg that cool and creepy at the same time

  2. OodanithecatoO Says:

    @wingedgriffin27 Mina The Mongoose.

  3. pretty7881 Says:

    kick sally out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. lukefairman Says:

    whats the racoons name??!! :S

  5. amyluvsoniku Says:

    @xXemothehedgehogXx thats sonics sister…um….idk her name…

  6. amyluvsoniku Says:

    2:03 2:18 4:45 4:50 B!tch please, go throw on a shirt and some pants ok? 5:30 THATS better

  7. KNUXROUGE9 Says:

    poke her face lol

  8. xXemothehedgehogXx Says:

    WHOZ DAT CARACTR AT 3;34!!!?!?

  9. wingedgriffin27 Says:

    relly! she looks more like a celesti to mesa

  10. MarkTheEvil1 Says:


  11. wingedgriffin27 Says:

    who is the pretty bear girl?

  12. billyesites Says:

    wow these girls in a college dorm have a hidden camera there and they bring over guys and get fucked in front of the cams at TopSexyLadies . com

  13. TheTailsfan3 Says:

    Look at Cheese in 0:21!! Ja ja ja

  14. tracktowndude Says:

    were did you get that pic of amy cream tikal maria rouge ? the manga chibi one i looked all over its nowhere 2 b found (the one that says cafe walnuts at the top ) please help my fan club needs it! thanx

  15. videogamescool Says:

    Cool Vid and Pictures :D

  16. ScarlettHedgehog Says:

    dis is a rely nyc vid gd job

  17. Amyroserulez Says:


  18. sonicgirlsandsongs09 Says:

    Of course I can I’ll start it right now do mind if I do a random song?

  19. ilovesonamy98987676 Says:

    Its scaree my baby sister not

  20. ilovesonamy98987676 Says:

    My baby sister keepes calling Amy, Blaze, Rouge, Cream, Cosem, Tak and Sonia Mraia and Sonic and Sonamy pics Mraia.

  21. ilovesonamy98987676 Says:

    Can you make me a SonicxAmy, ShadowxRouge, KuncsxTikal, SilverxBlaze and CreamxTails. Im your friend ilovesonamy98987676.

  22. sonicgirlsandsongs09 Says:

    It’s uploading roght now it’s called ‘Rouge, Cream, Blaze, and Tikal Can’t find Amy!

  23. Carlosclan5 Says:

    HOLY SHIZ really? thnx ^^ i look forward to it or them

  24. IchigoAndAmyFan Says:

    Thank you

  25. sonicgirlsandsongs09 Says:

    Of course I can I’ll start it right now!

  26. xloisx1 Says:

    @NastyandToxicGirlJB back in the day people didnt really care about each other, anne and mary werent raised up togheter and it was anne or another girl.. a girl was nothing, im not sure if you see it in the movie because its a long time ago that i watched it but anne was most likely forced by her family.. mary’s time was up, she got 2 children from the king and henry was losing his interest..

  27. MarinaMaxwellYuy Says:

    Wonderful! It fits Anne so well!

  28. jondejondalar Says:

    Loistava! :) Ja hyvä biisikin. ;)

  29. NastyandToxicGirlJB Says:

    i think the movie is great and amazing…a wonderful performance of Scarlett and Natalie

  30. NastyandToxicGirlJB Says:

    ican´t belive it how the power and the money make you to lose dignity and the judgement, i can´t believe it that Anne betrayed her own sister in order to have wealthy and power, i would choose my sister than a man. and the girls in that movie were amazed of him because he was a king, that´s why they gave themselves to him, but the bad thing of the king that he was a womanizer, he wasn´t a stable person…. anyway the movie is amazing….

  31. HeyGorgeous1000 Says:

    fantastic vid…

  32. Snuffesnuitje Says:

    I loved it, great vid <3

  33. kuchikirukialovers Says:

    Natalie portman’s acting here is brilliant! Love you, Padme!^^

  34. hogwartsluv Says:

    Natalie Portman has some awsome facial expressions when she plays Anne. Very nice, and the song fits well.

  35. AeroDeschain Says:

    Natalie Portman is AMAZING

  36. TheBerryBird Says:

    Dude. That was awesome!

  37. RandysGirl2002 Says:

    the song goes great with this video. I faved it! Eric Bana is amazingly beautiful!!! Great job!

  38. RandysGirl2002 Says:

    God this man is beautiful!!! He looks so similar to my husband…..

  39. pvtbisinger Says:

    that was a very interesting take on this song! i loved it! fave!

  40. lookinglass123 Says:

    Perfect song choice. FIve Stars. Well done :)

  41. tudorsrose1526 Says:

    this is awsome! i love it! you did a great job :)

  42. LoveSoundtracksGirl Says:

    Haha. I love the ending how you make it seem that since henry “cheats” on anne she does the same right?

  43. andra510 Says:

    Beautiful video! I like the idea of combining this (let’s say) court movie with this modern song. Congrats!

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