SNSD – Gee (Pumashock's remix) :)

November 23, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

I LOVE this song so much! I didn’t have an instrumental for it, so I put together a quick little beat of my own. I slowed it down a bit just to experiment. Some will like this version, some will not…I understand that. I like getting creative and trying different things! The SNSD girls are so much fun, so I wanted to make a special version of their song! Enjoy ;-)
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25 Responses to “SNSD – Gee (Pumashock's remix) :)”

  1. Cabalyst Says:

    It’s nice to see a non-korean sing this song so beautifully. Definitely stunning! 5 Star ofcourse!

  2. LOLanimalz12 Says:

    its awesome! i love your voice! :)

  3. alyxskyler Says:

    @popthepopsicle Thats not why people are commenting on it..its some racist comments scandal she made a couple of years ago….and only her-not necessarily the whole SNSD

  4. Fairess Says:

    You are amazing!!

  5. Birdiebott Says:

    Damn. You have great singing talent, and you pronounce Korean pretty well. That’s impressive!

  6. kiyomimihara Says:


  7. XTunezz Says:

    PUMA i heard JYP had interest in signing u…but didnt :l.

  8. IndoRepublicaine Says:

    *-* INCROYABLE !! <3

  9. shaho0oda100 Says:

    so coooooool
    always do it

  10. drysaki Says:

    Donghae te sigue por Twiteer.. Que maravillosooo
    xDD asdff..

  11. qervang15 Says:

    very good!

  12. honeypie102 Says:

    Taeyeon the racist doesn’t like this. WHO CARES :D

  13. xPandastic Says:

    Heard this 2 years ago still good

  14. purplebananana1 Says:

    so wonderful omg!!!

  15. forth1sgift Says:

    fantastic. ugh, so good. : )

  16. Antranik01 Says:

    656 people are racist rednecks.

  17. okuribidreams Says:

    You’re making me like songs I don’t usually like. :)

    Your voice is wonderful, girl.

  18. 1TruKeith Says:

    Love you as much today as I did when I first was introduced to your zenith spirit over a year ago. You are cut from a fine fabric Puma Shock. Keep sending love into the Universe. :-)

  19. smokythecameraman Says:

    people stop fighting over music both are good, and everyone does covers SNSD’s run devil run is a Ke$ha demo song they bought, i personally like this more but what would be best is this version with SNSD dancing around to it huh? huh?

  20. popthepopsicle Says:

    Besides that I want to add that EVERY fucking artist on this world does covers. And there is NO song in the world that is not covered by someone.

  21. popthepopsicle Says:

    OMG I’m so sick of this ignorant bullshit. The fact thatt she maybe didn’t like the cover doesn’t not mean she hates black people. Maybe she just doens’t like her voice. That’s like me saying I don’t like SNSD and everyone jumping to conclusions that i HATE Koreans. Are you people really that stupid, I usually ignore this shit but stupidity has risen to a new level.

  22. MadeInJapan Says:

    Omg! You’re so good!

  23. cindychiem98 Says:

    do you live in Korea ? :)

  24. snsdL0vers Says:

    Fuck urself.

  25. ToadStoolxX Says:

    @RapIsDeadly Butt into Korea? Butchered Kpop? Drabby style? Man, you kpop fans are slowly becoming the worst.

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