Sick Online Poker, durrrr vs. luckexpress10

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luckexpress10 was being dominated by durrrr, so he asked to flip (all-in pre) because he “can’t win normally”. Pretty sick. That 55 hand made me cringe, that has to tilt you slightly. luckexpress also said he was drunk, why play when your drunk? Stupid. Apparently luckexpress10 is a rich Italian guy. durrrr = Tom Dwan.

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50 Responses to “Sick Online Poker, durrrr vs. luckexpress10”

  1. Laggsy1 Says:

    haha, one of the best poker videos on youtube.

  2. lilcrazyaznboy Says:

    Are these real poker money? If so, damn..

  3. NegreanuDan81 Says:

    Sounds like a plan… lets play next week my full tilt poker ID = nardbitsu3475 :D

    And yeah
    Full Tilt the other day disclosed on their FB fanpage that new players can go to their website, then sign up for an account with the promo code AMERICAS.
    It’s a pretty amazing promotional offer. Your first deposit will be DOUBLED + a couple other nice perks. Sadly limited to the first 3000 people that sign up using it

  4. JackOfClubs777 Says:

    Rofl… I can spare 30 dollars my full tilt name = enverize7576 :)

    And yep
    Ya might have saw people talkin all over their FB walls currently ya can make a account with the code SPECIALS at Full Tilt Pokers web site.
    It’s a amazing bonus offer. Your 1st deposit will be DOUBLED also a few other awesome perks. Sucks but it’s limited to the first 2000 players that register usin it

  5. Master8laster Says:

    @orcman1 Also considering table limits.

  6. Sulfarose Says:

    (Observer): durr im sending u $5″ lmao

  7. natalie35295 Says:

    full tilt poker is the best site to play in tbh, loads of newbies making it easy to win lol

    theres a bonus code: GRAB600 – if u use that on full tilt poker u get 600 dollars free!

  8. bamboo Says:


  9. haroonKS Says:

    @TheNutcracker19 thats how he runs.

  10. RabosTroll Says:

    Fuck this song

  11. orcman1 Says:

    @WillyAugust This is wrong. House does always win at roulette, no matter how much money you have. the longer you play, the more the house will win on average. they will win a percentage of every dollar you bet

    If you had infinite money, you could theoretically just play endlessly until you had all the casinos money on a huge once-in-500 million years- luck streak, but practical concerns like time and actually having infinite money make that unlikely.

  12. SniperNereto Says:


  13. the3bigreddevils Says:

    @ekingh22 yeah definitly not but i think tom has more to lose here then marcello, 3 wins in a row from a 12k starting stack could really hurt dwan. i woulda cut the winnings after i was up 50-60k

  14. adamtalley888 Says:

    or this a nother poker rap!!!! why this crap music i dont no theres so much out there!!

  15. ekingh22 Says:

    not smart move flipping against someone who allways has you covered

  16. dannyboyboydanny Says:

    music is so shit

  17. the3bigreddevils Says:

    Durrr dominates Marcello aka luckexpress, just watch the match on FT million dollar challenge

  18. superdave31 Says:

    @WillyAugust this is honestly why i think patrick refuses to play at lower stakes because he knows even if hes not as good as his opponent. eventually theyl run bad and hell bankrupt them

  19. comedianoh Says:

    Get $600 Free at Fulltilt poker When you use Referral code POKERDEAL14

  20. bubble81 Says:

    stupid video! online poker is fucks you up! not real!

  21. Rogerio34567 Says:

    Luckexpress must have cried at his bank statement

  22. idalgleish87 Says:

    He must of read gus hansens advance NL holdem strategy,unfortunatley you have to be him for it to work.

  23. bigbob0 Says:

    damn millionaires

  24. Agutrot12 Says:

    @WillyAugust LOL! You figured it out genius. Jesus you’re retarded.

  25. ipulltigga Says:

    @Away2Write their rich money really doesnt mean much to these guys. trust me if you were a poker player and you were rich youd probably do the same thing.

  26. JackDiamond777 Says:

    Lmao, Okay I am going to hook you up my full tilt poker ID = zertron9656 :)

    And yeah
    I discovered on the Full Tilt Poker blog recently you register an account on their web site using the code SPECIALS ya can’t have a full tilt account yet though, this is for for people w/o a account.It’s a great bonus special offer. They will double your 1st deposit in addition to a few other important perks. It is limited to the first few thousand people that create an account using this

  27. Olive7168 Says:

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  28. 1skullduggery Says:

    “here we have a 7 gapper”….priceless….rotflmao

  29. thexfale Says:

    i dont think that this guy is a good player i watched a phil helmiuth yesterday and i think he is better

  30. cookiekoen Says:

    @hockey31ab1 its a joke wallnut brain go figure, and its hilarious

  31. hockey31ab1 Says:

    omg i love the hansen music in the backround lol what a tool i cant believe this guy was the top search video on tom dwan…. sad for real poker

  32. hockey31ab1 Says:

    omg i love the hansen music in the backround lol what a tool i cant believe this guy was the top search video on tom dwan…. sad for real poker

  33. agipony Says:

    @UFO1947 The only possible explanation is an incredibly low IQ and a complete absence of any sense of humor.

  34. agipony Says:

    A+ material, especially around 7:00

  35. RogerRussianLa Says:

    wow they all folded on the turn to a $30 bet after calling a preflop raise

  36. RogerRussianLa Says:

    die u assmonkey lmaoooooo

  37. RogerRussianLa Says:

    gder01 i think your awesome man. i really hope you keep making more. there pure goldddd

  38. gunredeemer Says:

    U aint a pro? man, i wanna be you, i hope 1 day i return in another body and be you!

    can you be my mentor, teach me you to exploied my gappers?

    ill hear from you!!

  39. yellow6100 Says:

    impie buuuuuu. depresing is funny here

  40. squadronfg Says:

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  41. impie1 Says:

    not being rude but ur voice is depressing

  42. rooseveltsimonso Says:

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  43. rooseveltsimonso Says:

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  44. ImperviousMason Says:

    @UFO1947 hahahahahhahahahahaha

  45. rooseveltsimonso Says:

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  46. slashslavicssir Says:

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  47. DenizVito Says:

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  48. jeromeisfresh Says:


  49. animadversionave Says:

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  50. MizukiNorito Says:

    Don’t you have some strategys how to avoid getting outsucked because of the setups and rig? And when is it OK to go all in and hope for runner, runner straight or flushes when just flop is on table?

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