Should Girls Under 21 be Allowed to Strip?

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25 Responses to “Should Girls Under 21 be Allowed to Strip?”

  1. uhclem Says:

    The proper question to this is “Who owns you?”
    Do you own your body or does government? If the answer is “government” than we need to shut down the internet. Otherwise, a human being has the right to do whatever he wants as long as he takes full responsibility for his choices.

  2. muntasir20 Says:

    ok so your telling me that an 18 year old can join the army receive arms training and fight terrorist but ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL that makes sense

  3. coolmanben99 Says:

    @gugabalog WWII dumbass

  4. gugabalog Says:

    Millions did not get killed. Assuming the radicals could muster in the hundreds of thousands, then hundreds of thousands have died, but not millions. The USA has only lost roughly four thousand to five thousand. Look at the publications over the years.

  5. LethalInjectionAK47 Says:


  6. EmmyDene Says:

    I totally agree with him!
    I mean, in my country the drinking age is 16,
    And i think it prevents people from getting too waisted, ‘cuz when it’s illegal it’s considered as “cool”, though it ain’t really workin’ in reality. The main age for people to drink them selfs in a coma is 14/15. I can’t imagine twenty years olds that have never drunk.
    I mean, I’m 15 and i drink all the time when i go out, so do my underaged friends and i really don’t know any kid of my age that has never drunk. This US l

  7. mikescott77 Says:

    i disagree with cenk on the drinking point. already there are too many 13-16 year olds drinking, which is way too young to drink. many 18-20 year olds college kids can easily get alcohol because they have 21 year old friends. if the drinking age was 18, 13-16 year olds would have more access to alcohol because there would be 18 yo hs seniors. i dont see why the age cant be 19 or 20, but if it was 18 too many young kids would be drinking thus leading to more alcoholism.

  8. grimmenigma949 Says:

    Why is getting a lap-dance from a 18 year old dicey?
    I knew girls that lost there virginity at the tender age of 14.
    there is a saying i think will help out in this debate…
    if theirs grass on the field play ball, if not, play in the mud.

  9. CheapBeer09 Says:

    21 is way too old to be underage for anything…

  10. fastLupus Says:

    This realy did sound absurd to me. The kids smoke and drink anyway and such laws will not stop them doing so. Where i came from it’s legal to drink AND vote at an age of 16, having legal sexual relationships at the age of 14 with persons the same agegroup, and count as an full grown adult at 18. Friends of mine from Chicago lived a year over here. They loved it to be able to shop bozze wherever they want. : )

  11. Paine6482 Says:

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  12. evane1989 Says:

    Alcohol has never been “forbidden” to me and that is why I don’t have and never will have a drinking problem. I drink every few weeks with my friends.

    Forbidding alcohol will make it more appealing to the youth who don’t know the definition of the word “limit.”

  13. TheGiantRobot Says:

    When I say kids, I’m not talk about legally. You can be a legal adult at a younger age through marriage, for instance. Kids are still kids.

    I don’t actually think it’s good for kids (teenagers who are still developing) to drink, but I think between prostitution (which is what porn is) and drinking, the drinking is less harmful. If we are going to acknowledge that they are not fully developed, we should be protecting them from this.

  14. tmcda2nd Says:

    Actually, they’re not kids, they are legally considered adults. The current drinking age creates a double standard between an 18 yr old and a 21 yr old. The 18 yr old can do anything the 21 yr old can, except buy alcohol. I agree with the argument that if you can be sent off to war to kill, you ARE mature enough to handle alcohol. I wouldn’t complain if the age to smoke, gamble, strip, marry, or become a soldier were all 21, but segregating 18 yr olds solely on alcohol consumption is bullshit.

  15. demourmcgee Says:

    …wtf no strippers under 21?!?!?! are they trying to make stippers old cows?

  16. LisaBreeBranch Says:

    oh NO you can’t have a BEER. hahaha i cracked up at that part XD. I think war, stripping, driving, sex, and anything else dangerous should be banned under 21 everywhere. at least in the us.

  17. LJKBIGMAC Says:

    i wish it was age 18 in america, then i would only be 6 years away

  18. QueenChocky Says:

    aussie drinking age is 18+ and apparently 70% of aussie parents think that giving alcohol occasionly to teens is ok

  19. eddu32 Says:

    at 18 you are old enough to kill but not old enough to drink that’s stupid

  20. TheGiantRobot Says:

    I didn’t either. But exactly, people need to think about these things as if it were their own children. A lot of things would change for the better.

  21. slideawayification Says:

    i didnt mean an actual film called “18 year old girls”, just porn where there supposed to be 18! (even though there usually older). Fair enough, if I ever have a daughter, I wouldn’t want her doin it, but saying that I wouldn’t want her workin in Mcdonalds either.

  22. TheGiantRobot Says:

    Thanks. I have seen bits of it. Yes, the girls are pretty, that’s not a good reason to allow it. It makes me sad. They are still kids.

  23. slideawayification Says:

    You make a good point. Its true, their basically saying “well you can’t have sex in exchange for money, unless its filmed”. . The drinking age shoould be lowered to 18, but I disagree when you say to move the legal porn age to 21. If you’ve ever seen “18 year old” porn then you know what I’m talkin about!

  24. youhatemenoww Says:

    hahaaaa, britain’s drinking age is 18.

  25. Iamso4u Says:

    ‘the right to show your boobs’ LOL

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