Shakin the Dam Poker Run – Hot Boats and Girls

November 01, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Poker run in the desert, hot boats and hot girls!
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9 Responses to “Shakin the Dam Poker Run – Hot Boats and Girls”

  1. sam6262626262 Says:

    @nauticallychallenged Don’t worry what those girls are sitting on are stuffed with cotton rags!!!

  2. carlosmurphy4u Says:

    Yer shittn me, the ENGINES are the music!!!

  3. clhsguy Says:


  4. cheapside Says:

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  5. anchorwindlass Says:

    at around 115, was that moron actually trying to pick up one of the models? un fucking believable.

  6. nauticallychallenged Says:

    nice video the models were well chosen. especially the donzi.i cant believe you let the females sit on the gell coat. thats a sin, like fingers on a chalk board. tthe only thing that touches my gell coat is wax and soft cotton rags.

  7. eviljoe01 Says:

    I bet those bitches would snort lines off a cox

  8. scupper79 Says:

    much agreed.

  9. powerstrk250sd Says:

    I would rather have the boats.

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