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November 30th, 2009- University of Guelph Students were feelings the heat of climate change so what did they do? Take their clothes off and had a photo shoot!! Check it out! This was put on by the Guelph Countdown to Copenhagen (look us up on facebook) Canada does not have a climate action plan to bring to the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen this December. There, world leaders will be deciding a global game plan to try to prevent runaway global warming. We want University of Guelph students to be glued to the story and demand action from our elected officials.
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15 Responses to “sexy Strip Poker”

  1. AirAdvocates Says:

    Great job keep coming out we support you we know you have it in you to make a change. check out the PUPPET VOTE MOB

  2. 1000000to1 Says:

    Global warming = myth, that’s why I leave my truck run whenever I get the chance now I must go turn up my heat I love the smell of natural gas burning.

  3. touchestoomuch Says:

    is that guy holding a sign that says we need a FAP deal? cuz thats the last thing i wanted after seeing this

  4. danbagheri Says:

    OMG I wane take my cloth off too :(

  5. mattiamagyar Says:

    u guys should do one with “This is why im hot” lol

  6. gmsfalseprophets2 Says:

    @midnitecruiser44 your stupidity makes me laugh, you angry as hell cos you know you look like shit LOL!

  7. midnitecruiser44 Says:

    @gmsfalseprophets2 Lol. Ur anger makes me laugh.

  8. gmsfalseprophets2 Says:

    @midnitecruiser44 bitch, you don’t understand shit you damn retard!

  9. midnitecruiser44 Says:

    Now i understand what the bible say against Edomites(Caucasians)They do the weirdest shit tht doesnt make any sense. strip for global warming? get the hell out of here Demons

  10. ottawafro Says:

    useful idiots…

  11. GJohns89 Says:

    The rest of the pics will be released PostSecret style over the next few weeks on the Guelph C2C page. First batch is already out along with the start of our climate news feed.

    Search Guelph Countdown to Copenhagen on Facebook.

  12. cmichelleball Says:

    Guelph, you’re great. Keep up the good work.

  13. orfeopn Says:

    too bad this global warming bs is just for the ruling elite to consolidate power, take away our freedoms, then being in the the one world order

  14. stopglobalwarming08 Says:

    hahah sweet!
    that’s how!

  15. FreedomFodder Says:

    haha awesome! Guelph love from Copenhagen

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