Sexy Ladies Playing Poker – Gus Hansen vs Erica Schoenberg

February 18, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

A table full of sexy ladies playing live strip poker + Gus Hansen. Free 10$ , no payment details needed. For a FREE 10€ Bonus without needing any Payment Details!! Click the following link to VC Poker and start playing at money tables with no risk to your bank balance!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This vid is about Ichigo x Kish and Lettuce x Ryou, set to a killer song by Lady GaGa. The guys love the girls, but they can’t figure out if Ichigo and Lettuce love them. They can’t read the girls’ live strip poker faces to find out if Ichigo and Lettuce love them. I DON’T OWN TOKYO MEW MEW OR THE SONG
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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39 Responses to “Sexy Ladies Playing Poker – Gus Hansen vs Erica Schoenberg”

  1. southwind609 Says:

    this blonde slut looked like she didnt even understand, why gus hansen won the hand hahaha

  2. wannytheviking Says:

    The odds of playing poker with four professional female poker players is even less than that of hitting a royal flush.

  3. maggiegils82 Says:

    how are the other lady´s ???

  4. TranceTechnoSucks Says:

    she deserved to lose that hand for calling without even looking at her cards.

  5. pufifa Says:


    professional-poker babes

  6. AWDracer Says:

    @AOZXB 10Q suited sucks.

  7. Lukawa345 Says:

    Erica’s really hot, and she seems pretty good as well

  8. Randy1337 Says:

    fuck those stupid advertisement in the video you idiot

  9. Randy1337 Says:

    @gorgeousgeorge23 :-)

  10. gorgeousgeorge23 Says:

    Gus is in straight Mack Daddy mode.. lol

  11. reynaldo19full Says:

    @hartistry1957 hahaha… me too…

  12. reynaldo19full Says:

    Perfect Time to Play Strip Poker… XD

  13. reynaldo19full Says:

    this is how we do it baby…

  14. artysm7 Says:

    @AOZXB cos she was beat

  15. Chris24hrbail Says:

    Would, be perfect for the ladies to play poker vs Gus, Topless!!!

  16. julesickdrums Says:

    which season is this?

  17. julesickdrums Says:

    take out rousso and place lacey jones instead and the quad sexy ladies would’ve been complete.

  18. todddeth Says:

    what a dream, playing poker with 4 chicks… man your odds to win don’t get any better than that

  19. VaidasLTKL Says:

    He’s lucky bastard :D

  20. Devilfish6666 Says:

    i had smth like that, maybe even sicker in probability: had AA, he went all in with KK, i called, flop was A 2 2, turn was 2, river was 2………….split pot………though i didnt lose, I still freaked out…..

  21. hartistry1957 Says:

    I’ll see you and raise your skirt.

  22. MrDoctorTomas Says:

    This is how we do it, baby :D DD

  23. luebbers03 Says:


  24. AOZXB Says:

    y did she folds 10 q suited?

  25. nfltank55 Says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwww thats to bad that hot ass girl got fuckedddddddddddddd.

  26. RyvenShadow Says:

    cool!! over 1000 views!!!

  27. 3211twilightgirl Says:

    @RyvenShadow Ayoma is stupid!Kish never really wanted to fight

  28. RyvenShadow Says:

    @3211twilightgirl me too!!

  29. RyvenShadow Says:

    yay!! 600 views!!!

  30. 3211twilightgirl Says:

    i thnk kish and ichigo should have been together

  31. RyvenShadow Says:

    400 views?!? o_O thanx for watchin’ ppl!! ^^

  32. RyvenShadow Says:

    over 300 views?!?! Yikes!!

  33. catsruleyourule12345 Says:

    @tamy10056 i agree yum lol;)

  34. animelovergirlwolf Says:

    tokyo mew mew + lady gaga = awesome

  35. RyvenShadow Says:

    over 100 views?!? this is getting to be popular! *purrs with happiness*

  36. RyvenShadow Says:

    @tamy10056 thanx, nya!! I know, Kisshu is SUCH a cool, cute bad boy!!!! *thinks of Kisshu and swoons* *purrs*
    ***Mew Rune***

  37. tamy10056 Says:


  38. RyvenShadow Says:

    @Mewbutterflydee OMG!!! thanx, Mew Dee =^_^= *speechless* Never expected that kinda reaction to any of my vids………Thanx!!! *gives cookie and chokkie bar*

  39. Mewbutterflydee Says:

    WoW! This vid is so awsum! :) Its like, really cool! Its left me speachless!

    xoxMew Deexox

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