Season 3, Episode 8: Gus Makes a Big Move

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Gus makes a more against his former partners. For more check out the official site: . Breaking Bad airs Sundays, 10PM | 9C on AMC
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25 Responses to “Season 3, Episode 8: Gus Makes a Big Move”

  1. goldenarms12 Says:

    @1844Freddy More like Sonny Corleone

  2. UntchA Says:

    @levele304 read my mind.

  3. Zeke4TV Says:

    @nitotech thats exactly what i say.I want him to last through this season.He’s so powerful and smart.Hopefully they keep him

  4. MightyPhalus Says:

    Gus is like Darth Sidious, Sosa, and Pinky and the Brain all in one.

  5. ShivJohar Says:

    watch the actual scene /watch?v=kEPWwJ_m28E

  6. CaptainPommby Says:

    I want Gus to win.

  7. nitotech Says:

    Is it wrong to like Gus? I tell you he’s one interesting character and I hope he survives the season.

  8. blizzy00 Says:

    This is what comes….for blood for blood….

  9. scottieman2 Says:

    @34mgs I would find it weird, too. He doesn’t have evidence, but you know it’ll somehow work in Hank’s favor somehow. Like Walt will say something or Jesse will show up. Something.

  10. clgr582 Says:

    Revenge for his brothers death…nice going Gus.

  11. 34mgs Says:

    @scottieman2 he found it weird that gale had a chicken flyer(gus owns) in his lab notes even though he is a vegan so he believes that gus may be supplying but he has no real evidence.

  12. ReasonableDoubt881 Says:

    Wow makes you look at this scene in a whole new light after the Hermanos episode! Gus was getting his revenge 1 by 1…he got Juan Bolsa here, he’s continuing to torture Hector/Tio by showing up and taunting him, and I think we will see how he got to Don Eladio by the end of season 4

  13. J0llybee Says:

    not Don Eladio
    that’s Juan Bolsa

  14. SuperMicklovin Says:

    @saltforyourwounds88 no not the don the guy at the table who said “Well they make good chicken and they no how 2 shovel manuer”

  15. saltforyourwounds88 Says:

    @SuperMicklovin I dont know… I remember the guy’s name being Don Eliado or something like that. Gus addressed this guy as Juan… it would have been cool if it was that guy though.

  16. SuperMicklovin Says:

    That dude he killed was present when they killed gus’s friend in that flashback with a younger gus just starting out as a dealer in mexico. paybacks a bitch

  17. scottieman2 Says:

    @TheLeoOfCostaRica I am sure. Because why would they go to HIS house. Kinda fishy.

  18. TheLeoOfCostaRica Says:


    Oh yeah, of that I’m completely sure. Gus definitely tipped them off.

  19. scottieman2 Says:

    @TheLeoOfCostaRica lol Yay.
    But could be Gus that tipped them off, too. Who knows.

  20. TheLeoOfCostaRica Says:

    This is why Walt will never take over Gus’s business. He can’t pull something like this off.

  21. TheLeoOfCostaRica Says:


    Actually, you’re right. I just saw it again, and one of the attackers says “Salgan con las manos arriba”, which is spanish for “Come out with your hand up”. Meaning, of course, that it’s the police at Juan’s door.

    So yeah, I stand corrected.

  22. scottieman2 Says:

    Did Hank know that Gus was working with Gale or was he just checking peoples fingerprints to see who was the prints belonged to?

  23. scottieman2 Says:

    @TheLeoOfCostaRica Juan did say “And now there’s Feds in my Rose bushes now.” Not to mention that a minute earlier he said that they’re swarming the house.

  24. scottieman2 Says:

    @shizn1t He’s like “They think I’m just a moron. Now I run this big time drug scheme and am a millionaire.”

  25. XxStonedKillerxX Says:

    @alicemay20 I disagree, if he was i dont think he would have lasted 20 years in the buisness (of meth)

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