Season 3, Episode 13: Walt's Deadly Solution

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Walt has a deadly solution.
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25 Responses to “Season 3, Episode 13: Walt's Deadly Solution”

  1. hamsterdam92 Says:

    still can never predict anything on this show.

  2. Acoontey Says:

    Dammit Gale was a good guy :C….

  3. milontua Says:

    you put walt in a corner he sells you out.

  4. 24485062 Says:

    i feel bad for gale
    i dont know why but he didnt deserve it but id ratbher it be him than jesse

  5. xxSwagMeOutxx Says:

    R.I.P. Victor.

  6. scrrin Says:

    Victor is walking funny

  7. oveid Says:

    The gangster-jew murders another mexican or two on . . breaking bad !
    when you break the law you need a jewish lawyer, when you have personal problems, you need a jewish therapist. when you get sick, you need a jewish doctor, when you get divorced, you need a jewish lawyer. you can trust these kosher individuals 100% and always tell them EVERYTHING. White police, teachers, scientists, nurses etc. are immoral and untrustworthy.

  8. xcarlosssx Says:

    @migkillertwo yeee, the bin laden shot haha

  9. curak76 Says:

    The score is killer!

  10. migkillertwo Says:

    SPOILER ALERT: Gale is Dead, way dead, entry wound right below his left eye.

  11. Splatford Says:

    amazing scene ..I love how cranston turns from meek,scared begging for his life walter white, Back into heisenberg!!! ..yeah

  12. hiphopheadism Says:

    i knew somethin was fishy from when victor told him to get in and you see his eyes look away too quick, almost as if he was nervous himself..even tho hes a badass. lol

    later on i was like… “nooo, dont kill him!!”

    even tho hes the main character i kept thinking there’s no way he can talk himself out of it.

    and then he calls and says “DO IT!!” i was sayin “OH SHIT! RUN JESSE, RUNN!”

    point is, i fuckin love this show.

    coming on in 15 hours and i cant wait

  13. sociopathicregret Says:

    when you listen to chipmunk music thats what happens

  14. cleanlaundry Says:

    one thing that i love about this scene is that even though he’s got a gun pointed at him, walt’s the one with the power, he’s the one in control of the situation, makes this scene awesome

  15. NewFoundGlory2182 Says:

    Wow pause at 5:08 and look at Jesse’s shirt!!! Very Symbolic to this final scene If you ask me.. A red shirt with a skull on it..Think about it. This show is just brilliant……

  16. VastedCouth Says:

    AMC can’t upload videos in HD yet?

  17. fineexcuses Says:

    Love the look on Mike’s face when the realisation hits

  18. metsjets333 Says:

    I can’t believe this has been over a YEAR! I NEED BREAKING BAD!!!

    PS Rubicon is gay.

  19. delsol2lowz Says:

    I wonder if gale was cremated

  20. patrickedmund Says:

    @Russalio and if Walt goes to the DEA because of this he fucks himself up i.e he’ll be found out and will have to go to prison. He will also fuck Hank up because it will be found that Heisenberg is the brother in law of a DEA agent, genius

  21. Russalio Says:

    @patrickedmund then the DEA gets involved genius

  22. patrickedmund Says:

    Of course the easy solution is for Gus to hold Walts family captive. Kill them unless Walt teaches a new recruit the formula

  23. thenextgia1 Says:

    I’m not a drug lord but I’m shocked Gus didn’t think this before hand. 1. How could u not have cameras watching them cook the whole time just to get the recipe in check. 2. I’m shocked he allowed Jessie to come to work for him despite his no Junkies allowed rule. Cuz i bet hes thinking He should have taken Gail’s advice and had more than one meth cook. And 3. Being a drug lord himself did he think it was actually gonna be that easy to steal someone elses product, especially a meth cook even

  24. NewMargaritaville Says:

    if you’re a meth cooker, NEVER set your cell to vibrate

  25. Tobeyonehello Says:

    Jesse definitely killed him. People say “oh he turned it”. The camera turned to line up with him and the gun. The whole season was about Walt and Jesse becoming murdererers, crossing that last line in the process of breaking bad. Next season will be exciting. I hope Walt becomes a full out Drug kingpin and Jesse becomes more violent and harder.

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