sakura- I love Rock`N Roll

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my 2 AMV. this time it`s about the naruto charatcter, Sakura. enyou :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kida has just about had it with sitting around in Walker’s (very girly) room playing live strip poker, so decides to hit the street and get some sweet booty. Unfortunatly the girls aren’t responding…which must mean ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY… This has been planned for a good while so i’m so glad it actually happened! It was immensely fun to film and I hope you enjoy the result!! Thanks so much to everyone involved and especcially to the ever epic midnight beast (original video: ) Bloopers to come soon(ish). Don’t worry there is more hetalia vids to come…this song just fitted these three too perfectly. O_~ SONG AND CHARACTERS DO NOT BELONG TO ME. BESTOW THE MIDNIGHT BEAST WITH THE LOVE THEY DESERVE.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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38 Responses to “sakura- I love Rock`N Roll”

  1. Madzika2 Says:

    super :D 

  2. katiepolk92 Says:

    Who else likes this version better than Brittany Spears?

  3. SolangeMariel1 Says:

    I love rock n roll (?)

  4. 10HitsugayaToshiro Says:

    this is the best. I clicked on two other videos that had Britney Spears singing it. lol yuck

  5. MoLester808 Says:

    Joan Jett and The Black Hearts is the band that sings it.

  6. KiraHitarashi Says:

    Who sing it?

  7. mileynaruto2610 Says:

    wer singt das lied

  8. mileynaruto2610 Says:

    super geworden =)

  9. zimtzicke98 Says:

    ich finds gut!°=)

  10. zimtzicke98 Says:


  11. zimtzicke98 Says:

    i love joan jett!!°°°^^

  12. zimtzicke98 Says:

    thats cool.ilove joan jett and sakura!

  13. Sakuraismygirl Says:


  14. SecretCheesecake Says:

    Walker:uhh..your a lesbian?
    Shinra: 0.0 XD XD Oh god that was my favorite part XD

  15. mapaa77 Says:

    Onegaiii! Do more videos!.
    You, girls..are amazing! xD

  16. IAmAtomicKokoro Says:

    Okay, honestly, Shizou was the best part of the video! XDDD Nice job! Hilarious!

  17. RinlovesLenandOrenji Says:

    Ohh i love your Video it’s so fantastic.
    One of my favourites^^

  18. konytahappy Says:

    The song doesn’t have any guitar or something like that, and Shizuo is playing an ukelele, Your argument is invalid :D

  19. AyuChan17 Says:

    PFF I’m so sorry! I can’t stop staring at the Shizuo XD!
    at some point I think the Shizuo was about to crack up xD!
    PFF this is too funny xD!

  20. TheMufflicks Says:

    wow had really low expectations on this one but that was fucking awesome

  21. charathepyroqueen Says:

    Shizuo on the ukulele was made of 100% WIN

  22. medusafromsouleater Says:

    hahahaha u guys lookd lik u had alot of fun lol

  23. CenturysSamurai Says:

    Japanese people speak british? :P 

  24. CapriciousKagamine Says:


  25. wolferdog Says:

    Oh god. How are there no comments on Izaya at the end? xD

  26. MoonWolf2015 Says:

    I love how you say “fun”!!! It’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard!!!

  27. DNKHDC14SLA Says:

    I love how Kida is shorter than everyone except Fem!Izaya.

  28. KoaryChan Says:

    Yes, Kida, you are the best looking boy. >8D

  29. dragongirl1501 Says:

    Dude, i’m SO gonna make a CMV with this song in my Prussia costume :D

  30. bjmac13 Says:

    Lol! That’s so Kida.

  31. BinkyBoysGirl Says:

    Aaah… What can I say about this? Other than, poor Kida. I’d have gona for ya (in a non creepy way, of course)

    1:24 I was waiting for it to happen.

    And they may be lesbians, but Shizuo’s secretly gay. //shot

  32. PervertAlien Says:


  33. SagariaXue Says:

    Oh my god, this is so ingenious and hilarious.. you guys just WIN! |D
    (…oh my Norwegian-ness… I heard “røyk alarm” (smoke¨alarm) instead of “rape alarm”.. oh well, funny anyway xD;; )

  34. Dr4wW1thM3 Says:


  35. SlowlyTheWorldTurns Says:

    The Midnight Beast + MoonLily = sheer awesomeness :D 

  36. Deathnotefreak44 Says:

    lol i love the midnight beast

  37. fabulouskilljoys123 Says:

    i laughed so hard at 3:02 dont spray shizou ^___^

  38. nopoodles Says:

    Best bit is definatly the invisible hat when you turn on your charm (Before you hear the rape alarm. Its around 1:08 ish)

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