Sailor Moon AMV – I Kissed A Girl

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Haruka + Usagi = … :P music: Katy Perry

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25 Responses to “Sailor Moon AMV – I Kissed A Girl”

  1. AmiRussy Says:

    @tonikfirst Me 3.

  2. Samantha2413 Says:

    This song fits the manga, but not really the the series in subbed or dubbed versions. In the Manga Haruka does kiss Usagi, how many time? I am not sure, I lost count after four times. Anyway good video!

  3. lordchaos009 Says:

    I’ll admit it – I stopped liking Mamoru after the first season, since for the most part he was just there to be the token Trophy Boyfriend. And while Haruka and Michiru are my OTP, Usagi and Haruka definitely had chemistry. So while this isn’t (entirely) canon, I like it! :)

  4. sailorchibimoon1665 Says:

    serena looks cute at the beginning!

  5. WHCChamp Says:

    this is very nice

  6. William01121 Says:

    Nice video…Nice music choice…Cute overall…good luck on future video projects.

  7. ive1always1loved1you Says:

    rofls usagi always manages to make me laugh =D this fit perfectly with the song, i loved it <3

  8. iluvrock92 Says:

    meh not the best but sure wutever

  9. TheJustinebean Says:

    that was wicked funny! whats that russian or something at the begining?

  10. SailorClaire28 Says:


  11. shortcake72985 Says:

    LOL this is awesome! timing is a lil off but i love the clips you put together for the song!!! woot!

  12. Ishlacorrin Says:

    Must admit since i last saw this i have watched all 200 eps of sailor moon and now find this even more funny.

  13. YuriLucky11 Says:

    Awsome music. I like this version.

  14. AnimeDubMakers Says:

    lol this is very good!

  15. Anddq Says:

    The other sailors faces are just priceless, heehhee

  16. tonikfirst Says:

    @sailorlexykitty me too)

  17. sailorlexykitty Says:

    awh.. i love Haruka chan. :D

  18. ApatheticReasoning Says:

    this version sounds different. however funny take on the song for Sailor Moon

  19. tonikfirst Says:

    @nevermoregirl7 me too, it’s better than original. I don’t know exactly, I have just this record.

  20. nevermoregirl7 Says:

    I really like this version of the song. It wasn’t this the whole time, right?

  21. Ishlacorrin Says:


    Well done.

  22. blackpatho Says:

    lol… what a great vid! I’m still LMAO….
    great job!!!
    5 Stars to you!

  23. Rosie1757 Says:


  24. Amipikachu Says:

    This song is great and this are right i have kiss a girl and i like this.

  25. chibiyaten15 Says:

    me thinks episode 178…. or somethings around theres. :]

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