Rush Poker – Brand New Addition from Full Tilt Poker

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Rush Poker

Rush Poker

Get bored at a regular poker table? Then Rush Poker is best for you. Rush Poker, introduced by the online poker site Full Tilt Poker, allows players to move tables quickly after their action in a hand has ended. It’s a brand new addition from Full Tilt Poker, and the action junkie who can now play more hands in an hour, will definitely like this idea, it’s perfect for them.

Rush Poker is an evolution of the game of poker. It’s a brilliant move by Full Tilt Poker. If you haven’t played a hand of No Limit Hold’em cash in the last months and were just too bored of the game, you  will not get enough of rush now.

How to Play Rush Poker Tips

Here are some Rush Poker tips for gaining an edge in the face-paced game.

Tip 1: Play tight early and attack in position.
Players are playing extra tight because it seems worthwhile to wait for a good hand. That’s something you can exploit. You also have the added advantage of players at your table not knowing that you are playing very loose in position.

Tip 2: Be aware, the action is too quick to take notes.
If you are one of those people who play poker in a systematical and analytical manner and use this note-taking feature all the time, be aware that the action is way too quick to take notes on players.

Tip 3: Don’t pay attention to HUD stats.
A lot of players have experienced issues with their Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) not working properly. If you rely heavily on your HUD, be aware that the action is too quick for the HUDs to keep up.

Tip 3: Adjust your game properly.
The ABC poker the most common strategy in Rush Poker games so the key is to adjust your game properly. You might want to play loosely to exploit the excess usage of ABC poker.

Rush Poker
is best suited for the action junkie who gets bored at a regular poker table. You don’t have to pay attention to HUD stats or table dynamics and you get to play a ton of hands. Who wouldn’t like that?

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