Royal Flush at World Series of Poker 2007

September 11, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

While the chip leader, Dag Martin Mikkelsen knocks out a player with a royal flush.

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25 Responses to “Royal Flush at World Series of Poker 2007”

  1. girlie347 Says:

    You guys are forgetting something when you tell these morons that beg for $1 here to get a job or to deposit. These fags are 13 and have no money at all, and cannot deposit for another 5 years.

  2. LexRockhead Says:

    “This Game is easy!”

  3. Mkalola Says:

    @drumdude500 whaw a whell of a way to go wout..
    Enjoydno fewwals

  4. jfar8504 Says:

    @betablock4 lol are u really begging for a dollar on youtube

  5. bitchniggaar Says:

    i re rai lol

  6. drumdude500 Says:

    “I reray, one, fitty.”
    “I caw, I caw”.

  7. Bubbasizer Says:

    @wolfikausn 5 asses are only better i fthey are womens asses

  8. jowzefkawki Says:

    WOW well that is a really one in a thou hand!!! good one mikkelsen!

  9. doccface Says:


    Awesome player.
    Hes one of the dourest boring bastards I’ve ever heard speak tho.

  10. UndercoverLdn Says:


    Sick of playing for playmoney? Choose one of the following options:

    1. Deposit real money.
    2. Quit playing.

    Simple as that.

  11. UndercoverLdn Says:


    Lol….hmmm not a bad idea. I’m thinking about lending $10,000 from the bank. If I’ll send it to him, I’ll get $30,000 back in 3 days! I’m getting rich :D

    Oh damn, another begger below

  12. flanj1 Says:

    you reckon if we gave him a dollar each, he could actually give us 3 dollars each back… because hes that good……….. or we could give him FK ALL ! LOL

  13. betablock4 Says:

    CAN SOME 1 PLEASE SEND ME A DOLLAR ON POKERSTARS?????? USERNAME > SOFTSEVEN itll be so much apprecaited iam sick of building up playchips….godbless

  14. TheFABIOCOOL Says:

    i would stay like… im the best in the WORLD!!

  15. marcel3545 Says:

    Tom Dwan is the best player ever! He also started from the PokerFrik website strategy!

  16. Einfrein Says:

    “This game is easy”

  17. tmurphy83 Says:

    @Whiteneca same hand, chopped pot

  18. UndercoverLdn Says:


    Meh I hate beggars… I mean seriously, this guy is asking for 1.20$….. if he can afford to buy a laptop/computer to play poker on, he can definitely afford to spend $10 on poker if “he can give it back triple in a couple of hours”, lol….

  19. Freddusya Says:

    well it’s not as exciting as i thought it would be..

  20. flanj1 Says:

    @UndercoverLdn this guy has asked for money on another clip

  21. bobkaize Says:

    Ever hear about reference codes? Me never until one week ago I made big buck from it with no sweat atall. Just typed the code FILM with fulltiltpoker and got $ 600 cash! Poker was new for me but now I understand it cause was easy to master.

  22. UndercoverLdn Says:


    That is just bullshit…. Just go work for it yourself. Go find a job and deposit yourself.

  23. skele7on Says:

    hello please can some good guy send me 1.20$ or 0.25$ on PokerStars? I give you back triple in couple of hours, please I havent got possibillity to reload my account from my credit card, thanks very much :) my account name is “skele7on14″ …

  24. dustyn1986 Says: FREE POKER CASH!

  25. giovannisael Says:

    @MehmetArslan i think so too it’s not so easy to get a royal flush and whoever gets it , is worth some more

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