Roy Mustang and Edward Elric play strip live strip poker

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Here’s the full version of the Sac Anime winter ’08 Story Story Die game that Travis Willingham makes an appearance in.
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25 Responses to “Roy Mustang and Edward Elric play strip live strip poker”

  1. NightyAl1 Says:

    equally matched?! lol

  2. PaladinCecil Says:

    @SoichiLovesHerPChan That is correct.

  3. SoichiLovesHerPChan Says:

    @PaladinCecil So this is just coming from the top of their heads? xD

  4. PaladinCecil Says:

    @SoichiLovesHerPChan It’s an improv game where people take turns improvising anime stories.

  5. SoichiLovesHerPChan Says:

    IS this fanfiction? XD

  6. PaladinCecil Says:

    @eatpockyful That’s correct. It says “Good mini-skirt” on one side and “Bad mini-skirt on the other.”

  7. eatpockyful Says:

    Hahaha lol

    Was he holding a paddle?! XD

  8. kagome4721 Says:

    XD i’d be scared too seeing al doin the Hari Hari Yukia dance!!!

  9. kagome4721 Says:

    XD i just watched the vid where he GOT the “bad mini skirt” “good mini skirt” paddle!!!!!

  10. RandomKPluver Says:

    Oh, Travis. Where would we be without you and your amazing ninja pop-up skills?

  11. MomoSushiMonster Says:

    that’s so funny how he pops up. XD

  12. bloody1scarlet1rose Says:

    O@the31dogcat lol yeah xD

  13. the31dogcat Says:

    thank you for that i can be random but i also can be funny…

  14. bloody1scarlet1rose Says:

    @the31dogcat XD lol HE WOULD
    btw thanx i’ve been having a shitty day and ur comment just made it a little better :)

  15. the31dogcat Says:


    Barry- if you lick mah cleaver again i will chop ur tounge off….

    *licks cleaver*

    Barry- *screams like a girl*

  16. bloody1scarlet1rose Says:

    @the31dogcat XD you know you liked it too

  17. the31dogcat Says:

    i know i can be random….
    lol i licked a cleaver….

  18. bloody1scarlet1rose Says:

    @the31dogcat That… Was so random XD

  19. the31dogcat Says:

    1:02 is that barry the chopper!!!!

    i love barry teh choppa!!!

  20. the31dogcat Says:


    Barry- And she’s my girlfriend…so i can chop her…

    Me- i can never get killed or die…IM A VAMPIRE…*takes Barry’s cleaver and licks it*

    Barry- YOU LICKED MAH CLEAVER!!! >:(

  21. bloody1scarlet1rose Says:

    But I LOVE Barry the Chopper D:
    And i love how Travis appears outa no where XD

  22. Nikey161 Says:

    oh got axels there too :o

  23. ZippersTheRabbit Says:

    @PaladinCecil Ahh, neat.

  24. PaladinCecil Says:

    @ZippersTheRabbit It is. I host Story Story Die at various conventions.
    I admit that I’m jumping the couch in this clip, but I have gotten more careful.

  25. ZippersTheRabbit Says:

    @PaladinCecil Ohh, lawl, is that you in the video? xD

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