Rihanna Disturbia w/lyrics

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rihanna new single ‘disturbia’ with lyrics
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Rihanna Disturbia w/lyrics”

  1. Ash1091000 Says:


  2. JMAN58031 Says:

    What’s up with old/new Rihanna, I personally love Rihanna all together! :D

  3. cookiesncream8903 Says:

    @AlwaysPromiseLove lol

  4. AlwaysPromiseLove Says:

    Ohh my god! It says CURSE?!!? Duude… I thought it said TURD!!! Ohh my gooodness…
    ”Relese me from the tuuurd im in”

  5. XFireForeverX Says:

    love this song :D

  6. xoxo7457 Says:

    thumbs up……just do it

  7. hoodsteppers12 Says:

    not tryna bring up old things but in the chorus u can hear chris’s voice a little :)

  8. BOYnyek Says:

    press like if you search for bam bam birambam bambambirambam!

  9. jereidcaz Says:

    one of my most favorite Rihannas song

  10. zitalee2 Says:

    this song reminded me of that movie Disturbia that had only come out a year before this song. at the time the song came out i thought it was about the movie XD

  11. Spongebobnumbah1fan Says:

    Does anyone else find it hillarious that this was the last song I listened to last night?

  12. scarsaresexy23 Says:

    thumbs up if you brought yourself here!

  13. Popluargirl1345 Says:


  14. AlxwithLnx Says:

    Super Old Song

    STill Super!

  15. andrew231933 Says:

    love the lyrics

  16. goodpasterdestinyyah Says:

    @rockstar123490 BOTH of your comments remind me of Chuckie o-o

  17. goodpasterdestinyyah Says:

    @pnwpetraski Something that will DISTURB you! :P

  18. goodpasterdestinyyah Says:

    @aaliyahsrocking ikr? BUT CANT STOP LISTENING!

  19. rockstar123490 Says:

    thumbs up if disturbia the uninvited brought u here

  20. Sweetarts1011 Says:

    Rihanna-Disturbia…and awesome old song that’s stuck in my head<3 I miss 2008 music…even though this was probably earlier…:DD

  21. aaliyahsrocking Says:

    ive just watched the official video….cant get it out my head!! ITS SO CREEPY!

  22. LuckyStarVocaloid Says:

    Her new songs are stupid but this is one of the most epic!

  23. xoxosarah17 Says:

    I love this song

  24. pnwpetraski Says:

    what is disturbia?

  25. rockstar123490 Says:

    @Ir1shGurl101 your comment reminds me of chucky

  26. aarbnorrr Says:


  27. halilhasani Says:


  28. barcai15 Says:

    hahahahah shum qesharake

  29. ermelind12 Says:

    Memec osht nuk sheh :D

  30. florentmavs Says:

    ooo be hin :@ aaahahahahahahahahaa 4:09

  31. TheGipi01 Says:

    @fitim58  Fak yaa :P -4- LooL !

  32. edonartini Says:

    hhahahahh shum fort

  33. Fitim58 Says:

    Shkka Bani Muta

  34. nozgem071 Says:

    u u u u u uu u u u
    u ule mo ahahah
    s s s s s s s sun e thom qeket llaf

  35. amandashuli Says:

    oooo me acaroiii

  36. MGbaftiu33 Says:

    budall budall budall

  37. illyrianEagle1405 Says:

    kta me siguri duhet mu kan te terrnicit se veq ata ekan dialektin kshtuu:D:D

  38. powerlili1 Says:

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    h tt p s://w w w .facebook. com/ camalam123

  39. donniotr Says:

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    Profi: N,n,n,n,n nuk du, jO nonen

  40. MrArber008 Says:

    Profi: A ke msu
    Naseri: s`kom msu
    Profi: Ani 4`she e ke
    Naseri: Nesje per 5 kom msu une e meritoj 5
    1 her thot s`kom msu tani kom msu ahahah
    Shum e fort :D

  41. bledii14 Says:

    hahahah shume e fort duet denii cmim per kete :D

  42. pzcity1 Says:

    ahha ajan nime budall a

  43. KNJpd Says:

    hahahhahaha kqyrja lapsin xD

  44. BuLCee Says:

    ooooo bravooo bree njerz ma te part jeni

  45. ladyshishet Says:

    memec o nuk sheh ……….hhahahahahhahahahahahaha

  46. 090huma Says:

    shshshsh shum mir

  47. Etnikk1 Says:

    memec osht nuk sheh ahhahahahahahhahahahahha

  48. BuuLii47 Says:


  49. policiks Says:

    valla bre sen spasket ba profesorin e fort e pasket qaha qaha qaha qatsi (XD) !

  50. Nazmi142 Says:

    hahaha legenda jeni haha

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